the coming of american fascism, 1920–1940

Long was populist, albeit, governor of Louisiana in the early 1930s. Not understanding how and why those above them were responsible for the crisis that threatened them, they blamed most of it on the enemies lurking below, Negroes, Jews, Catholics, Mexicans, anarchists, socialists, and, of course,..

what the mueller report says about trump and more

There were two Russian efforts to influence the election, and the other involved hacking into computers to get e-mails from people affiliated with Hillary Clinton's and Democratic Party organizations to gather and disseminate information.. ... Hacking Russian operatives hacked the e-mails of..

president trump vindicated

While at Perkins Coie, Sussman represented Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's during Perkins Coie secretly paid for the development of the anti- Trump dossier DOJ used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign.. ..

mueller report re-ignites political warfare in washington

Thursday morning of the report of Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller has become the occasion for resumption of Washington between two equally right-wing factions — Trump administration, with its fascistic base of support, and Democratic Party, aligned with dominant sections of the..

why us jewish leaders have a problem with netanyahu -

Finally, there is the fact that most of the members of American Jewish denominations virtually all of their leadership are sympathetic to the progressive wing of the Democratic party. ... Nevertheless, Liberal American Jews and their religious movements have continued to embrace the ideology..

bill barr: the “cover-up general”

Last July, Morgenthau and federal attorneys New York dropped the shoe, announcing the indictments of Democratic Party Clark Clifford and his partner on charges of lying to banking regulators, bribe-taking, and falsification of records — all in service of their client, BCCI. ..

america’s jewish left just declared war on israel -

The clique of America's Jewish mainstream is protecting Democrat Party that no longer resists the anti- Israel BDS movement, that embraces anti-Semitic hatemongers like Black Lives Matter and Democratic Socialists of America, and that welcomes into its own ranks anti- Jewish predators like..


TEHRAN - The US Army has deployed ISIL commanders and terrorists in the security bodies of Syrian Democratic Forces Raqqa paving the way for fleeing of number of militants from SDF prisons after paying large amount of cash, ... ..

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