asian american political groups announce democratic

Asian American political groups plan to host Orange County, California, for Democratic presidential candidates this September, the groups announced Thursday.. ... We felt it was important to hold this groundbreaking forum with Democratic candidates, ation needed to participate in the..

must japan's humanities go global?

It also misses the role that Confucian morality had played statist ideologies that Japanese scholars formulated under the influence of German and idealist philosophies, with growing anti-Western, anti-democratic and fervor up to World War II.. ..

shifting loyalties - politics

Democratic leaders have stated and restated their support for U.S.- Israel relationship, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., declaring the alliance unbreakable and unshakeable.. ... With in Senate, Republicans could still confirm Cain if Murkowski, Gardner, and Romney voted against him,..

aram goudsouzian: politics, old and new

The cerebral, senator from Minnesota was challenger to his fellow Democrat, President Lyndon Johnson, and he ran to oppose Vietnam War. ... Democratic Party was enacting reforms to open up delegate selection, which led to the nomination of George McGovern in 1972. ..

wikileaks founder julian assange arrested in london

It's been speculated that U.S prosecutors could bring charges against Assange related to WikiLeaks releasing stolen emails from Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign as part of Russian to in the 2016 elections... ... Assange has denied that Russian hackers gave WikiLeaks..

lessons of the matamoros workers’ rebellion: part four

AFL- CIO and democratic unions Latin America. The record shows Prieto and American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations have been working together to channel growing discontent among workers on the border behind Mexican unions partnered, financed and in some instances created..

on liberal authoritarianism

History is littered with the stories of democratic countries going to war for all the wrong reasons, from Athens of Sicily 415 BC to America's on Spain in 1898. ... By governing in ways that have been endorsed by expert authorities, But with hyperbole, there has been in West slow and..

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