ilhan omar is emboldening anti-semites

Ilhan Omar, Muslim from the state of Minnesota, has been unusually disruptive force American politics, both in Democratic Party and on Capitol Hill.. ... The in Omar saga suggests that left-wingers in Democratic Party are challenging United States long-established alliance with Israel and..

democrats need to be more democratic

Nationwide, about 40 of Democratic support is from non-whites, very close to the overall of United States where only 61 cent of the population is white — figure that is declining.. ... In fact, not until Nevada, is there in state which is among the top in reflecting Democratic Party..

wingnuts over america – harry's place

Yup, the mad mathematics behind Democrat's own Sarah Palin, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's scuttling of Amazon and the so-called. ... While Pelosi was keen to stand next to Omar in photo touting the diversity of Democratic party, she has proven rather keen to stand up for in the face of..


Indeed, pride events in Israel over the last few years have been a hasbara tool, aimed at showing the world a (false) picture of Israel as a Western, pluralistic, democratic country that respects human rights. ..

general editorial archives

On the Democratic Party side, the largest 2016 donor was the largest of all political donors in 2016, the hedge fund manager Thomas Steyer, $91,069,795. . .   . ... Italy’s populist de facto leader Matteo Salvini seems set on shaking Europe’s financial establishment to the core.  ..

women of the world

Democratic women House members stand during a briefing with the media recognizing suffragettes before the State of Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., February 5, 2019. . . . . . A woman sits as she waits to cast her vote at a polling station in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic..

right-wing funded groups battle new state governors

there will be no honeymoon for elected Democratic governors.. Affiliates of theState Policy Network, network of right-wing think tanks in 49 states bankrolled by Kochs and other billionaires and big corporations, have already been deployed to oppose legislation introduced by Democratic..

despotic democracy: for the people act of 2019

Despotism exhibited by Congress is sign that America has already entered into tyranny that will end in the destruction of Constitution along with our rights, liberty, freedom that is unless we throw Democrat socialists out. ... The despotism exhibited by Congress is sign that America has already..

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