venezuelan crisis

Like Charter of Democracy, signed by Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, Puntofijo Pact was agreement to set the rules of the in the arena and stop the ascendancy of anti-democratic forces. The pact resulted in and continuity of democratic setup and it also ensured that only two parties..

malaysia chronicle

“The act of forcing countries to become democratic is itself undemocratic” (12.22) . ... Heck, the democrats are said to have threatened to do something to these countries so that they become democratic! ..

the path of greatest resistance

Similar tactics were used in Brazil to spread millions of misleading WhatsApp messages in the run up to the October 2018 presidential election won by a Trump-like populist, Jair Bolsonaro. ... But it is nonetheless true that the surest path to reform in the United States is through the..

thai media project – january 2009

According to Sirichoke, despite the movement has ongoing for some time, Democrat-led government has prepared to handle the case especially to CNN, Reuters, and AFP.. ... By the press to refer to the policy of Marksinomics is the word used Democrat-led government. ..

"state of the union address"

The panel of analysts also spoke about Democratic response and who might give it, and the themes that could come up in that speech.    ... In Democratic address, Senator Tina Smith reacted to President Trump's first State of Union address.    ..

presstv-us lifts sanctions on three major russian firms

The Trump administration has lifted sanctions on three Russian firms in defiance of Democratic-led push in US Congress to maintain the restrictions.. Earlier this month, Senate voted to move ahead with Democratic-backed resolution blocking Trump's plan to lift the sanctions on Rusal,..

a coup by any other name

Jose Luis Silva betrayed his country and rule of law, siding with Trump regime's aim to topple Maduro, ment urging members of Venezuela's armed forces to back the coup against democratic governance.. ..

clause iv at 100

There would be no democratic control: instead, it would be run by appointed managers. . ... The model chosen was the public corporation: no democratic participation by either workers or service users, and the old managers kept their jobs. ..


TEHRAN - Several Ankara-backed militants and Turkish Army soldiers have been killed in fierce clashes with Syrian Democratic Forces in recent assault by Kurdish militants Afrin Northern Aleppo, .. ... In earlier on Sunday, Turkish Army and its allied militants engaged heavy clashes with Syrian..

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