everyone has it in for the dollar

In Thuringia, it was only 2 percent behind the winner, Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (cdu). . ... Merkel’s cdu with 29 percent and her coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party (spd), in third place with 16 percent. ..

women’s march still a go for this saturday

Helen Krim speaks on behalf of Northwest Bronx Indivisible at press conference convened by Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club that called on President Trump to allow Mueller investigation to continue. ... She's also active politically, member of Democratic Party and Northwest Bronx..

it’s open war on christianity

We have been writing about anti-Semitism of Democratic Party, and do not kid yourself Left hates Christianity more than it does Judaism. ... It dominates, among other things, Democratic Party and its press mouthpieces. ..

how asia is shaping the world's future

Democratic impulses are being balanced with technocratic guidance. Social discourse in the West not only boasts of rights but speaks of responsibilities. ... Twentieth-century Americanization ratified democratic self-determination through formal multilateral organizations such as the United..

new government in sweden after long struggle

The Liberal party and the Centre party had said they wouldn't support a Social Democratic government but now they have changed their minds. ... Although this kind of pact shows a clear dividing line between democratic forces and forces that use democracy only to gain power, it can take a..

time to dump netanyahu

Although Israel is a democracy, its democratic political system has been steadily eroding. . ... The upcoming parliamentary election offers Israelis a historic opportunity to rid themselves of the revisionist, nationalist and blindly zealous leaders like Netanyahu who have steered Israel astray and..

democratic republic of congo

President Tshisekedi struck deal with former President Kabila's coalition on govt formation and took steps to open political space, as senatorial elections sparked protests and violence persisted east and centre. ..

trump is mocking biden

TEHRAN - News sources in United States announced that Joe Biden, U.S former Vice-President, and prominent figure in Democratic Party will soon announce his run for the in 2020. ... Polls conducted in United States indicate that Biden is more popular than other potential candidates of..

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