48 hours fact checking trump

Obama-backed immigration bill in 2013, would have added up to 40,000 Border Patrol agents Earlier this year, except one Democratic senator supported bipartisan bill to deploy new technologies to the border. ..

bombing suspect facing federal charges

Kamala Harris, D- California and Democratic Tom Steyer, the latest to be sent to Democrats and critics of Trump that were discovered earlier this week.. ... Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Florida office, former Vice President Joe Biden, billionaire and Democratic George Soros, Robert De..

thoughts from the ammo line

Would not THAT be hoot ) I would love to bring back JFK, Democrat icon par excellence, him what his Party has become. ... Now, activists in that same community and Democrat leadership, including its in the election, refuse to say that 'ALL Lives Matter. ..

the mistakes of amlo’s public consultation

The consultation to decide the future of Mexico's New International Airport has already presented several irregularities that have led people to question the validity of allegedly democratic exercise in. ... MORENA workers argued that the flaws were due to the fact that it was the day of the..

commentary: is populism a disease? or a cure?

Their cure borrows from the left indeed, controls on trade and foreign investment, treatment for national workers and heavy, -led investment in infrastructure feature in the policy lists of the populist parties, and have all been programs of the left. ... The political issue in in which..

cary shuman

Evandro Carvalho believes his campaign for Suffolk County District Attorney is picking up momentum with just under three months to go before Democratic primary is held on Sept 4.. ..


We even write postcards to voters in swing states — postcards from across the country are credited with inspiring unlikely voters in one of the biggest upsets of 2017, the victory of civil rights Democrat over Republican in Alabama Senate race. ... I want to give special shout-outs to..

après donald le déluge

Best of all, no Democrat was ever in the danger of harm since none of the ones on the list open their own mail.. ... And yet, even by that incredibly bar, what some right-wing pundits have done in the wake of 10 mail pipe bombs being sent to Trump critics, Democratic politicians, party..

the pentagon has won the war that matters

With that in mind, think of the way various retired military men lined up behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016, including classically unhinged performance by retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn for Trump at Republican convention and shout-out of speech by retired General John Allen for..

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