TEHRAN - The Syrian army continued military operations Southern Idlib and further advanced in regions near Khan Sheikhoun, retaking control of part of Aleppo-Damascus highway and tightening noose on Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in the town.. ... The Damascus Army troops kept on their clashes..

us military presence on syrian soil illegal

' Damascus-Tehran relations not negotiable at all. Syrian diplomat went on to say that relations between his country and Islamic Republic of Iran were not open to any negotiations... The presence of Iranian advisers Syria is legitimate and at the request of Damascus government..

militant infighting kills about 170 near damascus

Militants from Jaysh al-Islam on the in the town of Bilaliyah, east of Damascus, on February 4, 2017 He said Fateh al-Sham had been weakened by the fighting, and had leaned on Faylaq al-Sham for support during the fierce exchanges of gunfire and heavy shelling.. ... Damascus has long..

the jews of syria: a lost civilization

Jewish Syria was Damascus, now the capital of Syrian Arab Republic and quite possibly the oldest inhabited in the world. ... Hebrew printing press was established Damascus the press published works by Rabbi Josiah Pinto, one of the earliest members of Pinto family and Rabbi of..

ngo: isis crucifies 9 men in syria's aleppo

The report comes amid fierce clashes on the outskirts of Damascus between Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, and rebels, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said... ... East of Damascus, fierce clashes broke out early Sunday between rebels from Army of Islam and ISIL near the town of..

syria: detention and abuse of female activists

The women reported torture in the following detention facilities Military Intelligence Branch Tartous, Military Intelligence Branch 215 Damascus, Military Intelligence Branch Daraa, and Adra Damascus. ... The abuse took place in Military Intelligence Branch Daraa, General Intelligence..

syria: mass arrest campaign intensifies

Based on information compiled by Local Coordination Committees, cities Banyas, Latakia, Qatana, Daraya, Homs, Hama, Dumeir, Zabadani, and Damascus and its suburbs.. ... In similar to the one that occurred on July Hama, security forces also stormed Damascus of Dumeir that day, arresting..

u.s. hails syria action

The brazen, morning attack in Syrian capital seemed to ease tensions between Washington and Damascus, as U.S officials thanked Syria for defending the embassy. ... The American from Damascus after February 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri Beirut. ..

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