the root of the problem in venezuela

The lessons of the embargo on Haiti in the early 19th century and Cuba in the century are important guides in making sense of the present crisis resulting from American embargo wall that surrounded Venezuela.  . It was the fear that the unity of Venezuela, the country with the largest..


By the severest storm in the past, TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that Tehran is ready to offer any kind of help needed to Cuba after Latin American country was hit on Sunday80 years... ..

u.s. anti-communist propaganda at siriusxm

By leading them to believe that the In fact, one will listen vain for any criticism of U.S policy of Cuba for more than 100 years, beginning with Spanish- American War in 1898, when U.S officials deceived and double-crossed Cuban people U.S government was helping them win their..

the strange case of american diplomats in cuba: as

A decline in the flow of American tourists to Cuba has hurt small, family run restaurants and people who rent their apartments to tourists, often on Cuba’s growing Airbnb service. ... Still, Russia would seem to have little reason to monitor the activities of relatively low-level..

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