neocons want war with russia and china

In 2014, and pro-NATO regime installed with U.S backing, Putin detached and annexed Crimea, for centuries the homeport of Russia's Black Sea fleet.. ... Sunday, two Ukrainian artillery ships and tug, passed through what Russia now regards as its territorial waters off Crimea and Kerch..

un / ukraine russia

United Nations is concerned about this escalation of tensions, which is taking place in the context of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. ... The situation is direct consequence of the annexation of Crimea by Russia March 2014 and the construction of Kerch Bridge. ..

who ‘lost’ crimea?

Earlier this year, he complained that Obama was the one that let Crimea get away and suggested that. ... Whether Russia controls Crimea or not is vital interest of U.S., and it's not worth risking war. ..

crimea declaration

Russia, through its 2014 invasion of Ukraine and its attempted annexation of Crimea, that no country can change the borders of another by force. ... United States calls on Russia to respect the principles to which it has long claimed to adhere and to end its occupation of Crimea. ..

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