rights groups call on al-sisi to uphold constitution and

The undersigned organizations affirm that calls to amend Constitution would do better to urge respect for its provisions, instead of seeking to secure privileged position for President Sisi or prop up his rule.. ... Stability can rest upon the foundation of the rule of law, foundation that will..

following the constitution

On August 14, 1973, Pakistan attained the status of democracy after the enactment of the unanimously agreed constitution. milestone was achieved in 1787, when the constitution of United States of America was passed. ..

and the constitution party?

Constitution Party has just few states with ballot access and you can see this handy-dandy list at their website. . ... Constitution Party keeps ballot status.  I would think even in tight race, Larson ought to get that turnout.  ..

birthright citizenship not covered by us constitution,

Birthright citizenship not covered by US constitution, 'will be ended one way or Trump — RT US News. ... President Donald Trump said that US Constitution does not guarantee the right to citizenship to everyone born in the country and that he would continue his push to end it... ..

10 myths about the us constitution

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams signed Constitution.. The same signatures are on both Declaration of Independence and Constitution.. ... The ignorance that Americans have of Constitution is exceeded by the ignorance of Constitution that most congressmen have. ..

the apple of discord in the cuban constitution

One of these was to overhaul  Cuba's 1976 constitution. Ailynn Torres Santana's essay explores the strengths and shortcomings of the opposition against Cuba, one of the polemic items on the constitution's agenda.   . ... The constitution establishes that marriage rests on..

change the cabinet, not the constitution: usdp

In Myanmar, only USDP can bring about development by exercising the Constitution, adding that his party does not accept National League for Democracy holding the Constitution as excuse to defend its shortcomings... ... Amending the constitution requires minimum 76 percent of..

the constitution must be defended: thoughts on the

On the other hand, those who defend the Constitution have emphasized Japanese people's and in the making of the Constitution, thereby demonstrating that it was not simply imposition by Americans except also the materialization of popular desire for peace and democracy. Japanization at..

obama and the no religious test clause

By adhering to this article of the Constitution, the integrity of the Office of President is maintained at the time that the integrity of the Constitution is maintained. In this case, President can Protect the Constitution by allowing the Constitution to protect the..

christianity crucifying the constitution

The ' Catholic League, have made their contempt for American Constitution, specifically First Amendment, abundantly clear. ...  The First Amendment to United States Constitution's clause prohibits the establishment of national religion by Congress or the preference of one religion over..

a blatant disregard for the constitution

blatant disregard for Constitution.. Our Congress passed bill that suspends habeas corpus rights for anyone designated an enemy combatant by the president. ... All I see is bunch of pathetic politicians so intent on re-election that they defy the only thing they took oath to protect --..

jamaica: constitution of 1962

In every Bill for special Act as defined subsection of section 37 of this Constitution presented to Governor-General for assent the words of enactment shall be as follows -.. ... A Judge of Supreme Court shall not enter upon the duties of his office unless he has taken and subscribed the oath of..

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