hollywood's anti-communist movies

In this article, the reviewer will provide the title of the movie the year of its release synopsis of the plot or explanation of why it's anti- Communist list of the well-known actors in the movie, where appropriate... Manchurian Candidate John Frankenheimer's Cold War about Korean War POW..

world revolution and communist tactics

This text was published De Nieuwe Tijd in 1920, Kommunismus, Vienna-based Comintern theoretical organ for South-East Europe Petrograd under Die Entwicklung Weltrevolution and die Taktik des Communismus, and the publishing house of Communist Party of Austria.. ... Pannekoek is here confusing the..

profile of a communist women's movement

Comrades, on behalf of International Secretariat of Executive for Communist Work among Women, I am going to give overview of Communist Women's Movement and the Communist women's conference.8. Communist Women's Movement signifies the systematic deployment and organization..

black liberation and the communist international

According to Claude McKay, Black Communist in United States, this passage in the manifesto awakened interest among many groups of Blacks. ... Communist International views with satisfaction the resistance of exploited Blacks to the attacks of their exploiters, since the enemy of their..

dia details communist control of chinese military

China's People's Liberation Army remains a tightly-controlled Chinese Communist Party organ with the main mission of keeping the ruthless party in power, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency report. . ... In China, anti-Communist Party sentiment is growing as a result of increasingly..

constitution of the communist party of china

Under the guidance of Mao Zedong Thought, Communist Party of China led the people of all ethnic groups in the in their prolonged struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism, winning in the revolution and founding People's Republic of China, people's dictatorship. ... Four..

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