tracking 29 investigations related to trump

The office for the District of Columbia requested documents identifying what role the president's three children, played on the committee and payments to Trump International Hotel and Trump Organization... manafort.. ... Trump's in the money payments to Stormy Daniels, and has will..

trump sues house committee chairman to block

According to Trump's, ation because Michael Cohen, told House Oversight Committee that the president had misrepresented his net worth while he was citizen. ... The committee is investigating allegations made by Cohen, February that Trump inflated his worth to mislead..

“total exoneration?” not so fast.

The Southern District of New York is also investigating and has subpoenaed documents from Trump's committee, self-dealing, and taking foreign donations. Prosecutors investigating the committee are looking at list of potential crimes, ments and conspiracy against United States. ..

trump inaugural committee documents are subpoenaed

Federal prosecutors Manhattan have subpoenaed documents from President Donald Trump's committee relating to donors, foreign contributions, vendors, contractors, spending and disclosure filings.. ... According to New York Times, Wolkoff was fired as adviser to Melania Trump in..

the end of an era?

In Trump scandal news, ProPublica has evidence that Trump's committee way overpaid Trump Organization for rooms, meals and event space at Washington hotel, and that this was Ivanka's doing... 12 Comments. ..

trump expands claims of autocratic power

The reactionary and anti-democratic content of Democratic Party's to Trump is underscored by the lawsuit filed April by Democratic National Committee charging Russia, Trump campaign officials and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks of conspiracy to undermine the campaign of Hillary..

himes defends fbi use of controversial dossier

Washington President Donald Trump on Friday blocked the release of memo written by Democrats on House Intelligence Committee concerning its investigation into Russian meddling U.S election.. ... McGahn said Trump has directed Justice Department to offer assistance to House..


Democrats ...

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