political calculations in sudan

In the mid-2000s, he was commander of Fut-8 of Border Guards Darfur, where, in 2007, he led rebellion against the army. ... The appointment of Hemedti, commander of militia who did not graduate from Sudanese military academy to such high position within the state is precedent and could..

the gertz file

The commander of Southern Command said Thursday Venezuela's military and Cuban in the country are the center of gravity in the crisis between competing governments in the city of Caracas... ... United States lacks defenses against Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles and needs to..

david j. barron

Lederman, The Commander Chief at Lowest Ebb Framing the Problem, Doctrine, and Original Understanding, 121 Harv. ... By most war powers scholars namely, This historical review shows that the view embraced, that our tradition has long established that Commander Chief enjoys some..

pressrelease: press releases

NATO Secretary General visits the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Chairman of Military Committee and Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Jens Stoltenberg, is visiting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, accompanied by Chairman of Military Committee, Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, and Supreme..


According to reports, commander of Nouralddeen al-Zinki, namely Abdol Ramah, was killed in clashes with Tahrir al-Sham Miznaz Southeastern parts of al-Artab region.. ... In late last month, commander of terrorist groups was assassinated Western Aleppo as tensions heightened between..

tal afar battle simpler than mosul's: general

Commander of Nineveh Liberation Operations, Major General Najim Abdullah al-Jubouri, speaks during interview with Reuters Mosul, Iraq, on July 30, 2017. ... I know from the intelligence reports that their morale is low, Commander of Nineveh Liberation Operations,   Major General Najim..

iraqi forces liberate 3 villages west of mosul

Separately, Commander of Federal Police Forces Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat said Iraqi Air Force unmanned aerial vehicles had struck Daesh positions in the Bridge district of Mosul, killing Daesh members in the process.. Jawdat added that commander, identified as Abu Maria..

‘us root cause of mischief in persian gulf’

The Islamic Iran opposes any move which will harm security and will carry out necessary measures to safeguard such security Iranian commander said.. ... Iranian commander further emphasized that global economy and depend on in Persian Gulf because the region holds the source of in the..

al-qaida official killed

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Afghanistan killed al-Qaida commander who had helped smuggle Arab fighters into the country and expert. ... Al-Masri was believed to have replaced Mustafa al-Yazid, another al-Qaida figure, described as No commander. ..

attacks on civilians in eastern congo

In interview with Human Rights Watch, Murwanashyaka confirmed he played in FDLR's chain of command, that he was the supreme commander... ... Pierre-Célestin Rurakabije, the commander of the 1st company of Reserve Brigade's Battalion, known as the Mirage Battalion, located..

venezuelan soldier said to be trying to aid rebels

In March, electronic files found in the laptops of FARC commander included messages that Colombian government says indicated Venezuela promised to supply the rebels with arms, haven and political and logistics support.. Colombia recovered FARC laptops after its aircraft and soldiers entered..

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