irgc commander: iranian nation to overcome hostilities

TEHRAN - Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Hossein Salami underlined that Iranian people will overcome the difficulties posed to the nation by sanctions, warning enemies of crushing response to any possible military action... ... TEHRAN - Islamic Revolution Guards Corps..

hwang hyun-sook confirmed as the first female police

It has been confirmed that the commander of police Korea was Hwang Hyun-sook. ... Currently, commissioner is the highest rank in the police following chief of police, chief of police, and chief of police, thereby being called the star of police, and it was one of the highest ranks in the..

spotlight on iran (july 4-17, 2016)

Seyyed Hamed al-Jazayeri, another Iraqi Shi'ite commander interviewed by Iranian media, stressed the importance of the presence of Qasem Soleimani, commander of IRGC's Qods Force, on the fighting front Iraq.. ... Hossein Almasi, commander of IRGC's 23rd Tehran, said Syria was..

irgc deputy commander on help to houthis

IRGC Deputy Commander General Ali Fadavi If We Had Forces Yemen, Houthis Would Be Riyadh by Now. IRGC Deputy Commander General Ali Fadavi said in May 30, 2019 interview on Channel TV that Houthi fighters Yemen have achieved what they have because Yemenis are intelligent and because they..


TEHRAN - Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Monday that the highest military order of Iran was awarded to Commander of IRGC's Quds Force Major General Qassem Soleimani fighting American-Zionist terrorism, and ensuring the security of..

making myanmar’s constitution democratic

Again, NLD does not suggest removing this article instead, it seeks to add the phrase, In with Union Parliament before the commander-in-chief has the right. to reflect the fact that sovereign power is derived from the country's citizens.. The article grants the two houses of Parliament, the right..

al-qaida official killed

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Afghanistan killed al-Qaida commander who had helped smuggle Arab fighters into the country and expert. ... Al-Masri was believed to have replaced Mustafa al-Yazid, another al-Qaida figure, described as No commander. ..

attacks on civilians in eastern congo

In interview with Human Rights Watch, Murwanashyaka confirmed he played in FDLR's chain of command, that he was the supreme commander... ... Pierre-Célestin Rurakabije, the commander of the 1st company of Reserve Brigade's Battalion, known as the Mirage Battalion, located..

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