lynchings targeted ‘republicans,’ not black people,

Republicans were the 'true targets of Reconstruction era lynchings that's not theory, except deeply held belief of Colorado Lori Saine, who's doubled down on the argument by accusing Dems of segregation... ... Dems had turned Colorado into a segregated state, with which she agreed..

presstv-denver public school teachers to strike over pay

Public school teachers Denver, Colorado, have voted to strike to demand for more money and incentive pay as teachers Los Angeles reached deal with school officials to end their six-day strike.. On Tuesday, Denver voted to go on strike after negotiations with Colorado's school district..

governing without congress

Walcher served in the cabinet of the governor of Colorado, Department of Natural Resources, department of 2,500 employees, eight divisions, 14 boards and commissions, and budget. ... He was Colorado's State Forester for 20 years, and received Lifetime Achievement Award of National..

election day blues, redux

Again, we are blessed that the effective outlawing of oil and gas drilling also was defeated Colorado. Ending oilfield Colorado would have been bad for the economy and for tens of thousands of people those working in the industry and those buying its products. ..

what states have done, and not done, about guns

In Colorado, rocked by Columbine High School and 2012 Aurora theater mass shootings, lawmakers in the Legislature refused to compromise.. Colorado House returned the favor by rejecting Republican plans to allow concealed guns on school grounds and repeal the state ban on large-capacity..

anti-fracking chaos in colorado

Colorado focus seems to be fracking because, being new, it's the scariest. ... That there is no science supporting these industry-crushing, economy-crushing buffer zones does not deter the greens one bit The organization pushing Prop 112 is Colorado Rising.. ..

frc blog » archives june 2018

I have already written several times about Supreme Court's Masterpiece Cakeshop, in which the Court struck down Colorado's discrimination charge against Christian baker. ... They also linked to brief he filed in the in support of Phillips, him as Colorado and Christian educator. ..


The top ten states with high concentrations of Latino voters are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Virginia, and Nevada. In 2008, Democrats won California, New York, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.. ..

celebrate fsu homecoming week 2015

Currently Haas Endowed Chair and professor of science at University of California, Berkeley, Hero has also served on the faculty of University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.. ..

10 failed attempts to create new us states

The proposed state would have covered all of modern-day Nevada and Utah, much of Arizona, and parts of California, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon.. ... But in 1861, amid fears that the illegal territory might join Confederacy, the US government created Colorado Territory. ..

political landscape may be redrawn

Republicans Texas and Colorado, pushed through new plans this year, to the dismay of Democrats. Not surprisingly, the new plans favored Republican candidates, shoring up GOP district Colorado and aiming to retire Democratic lawmakers Texas.. ..

states revise the meaning of 'proficient'

But while Colorado, Connecticut, and Louisiana may appear to be lowering the bar for performance, are being realistic about setting goals they can meet under the. ... Linn, professor of education at the University of Colorado at Boulder and co-director of the Center for Research on..


Lawyer Michael Easley, supports similiar to the one used Colorado.. In eight cases, the committees recommended that judges be removed from their jobs, and Colorado voters listened each time, ... ..

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