colorado state senate votes down death penalty

Colorado Senate on Thursday passed bill ending the state's death penalty, more or less guaranteeing that Centennial State will become the 22nd state to abolish capital punishment.. ... If, as appears likely, Colorado abolishes its death in the coming months, to have done so in the past..

colorado freedom report

Of course, in states with open primaries, as Colorado now is, people who do not wish to be actively involved in electoral politics by going to party conventions and such probably should register to vote unaffiliated so that they can pick and choose the primary in which to cast their votes. ... In..

masterpiece cakeshop v. elenis

Supreme Court affirmed that government hostility against people of faith is unconstitutional, and that Colorado was hostile to my faith. Previous news releases 2019-01-07 Colorado loses bid to dismiss cake artist's lawsuit 2018-12-17 ADF to Colorado Stop going after Jack..

lynchings targeted ‘republicans,’ not black people,

Republicans were the 'true targets of Reconstruction era lynchings that's not theory, except deeply held belief of Colorado Lori Saine, who's doubled down on the argument by accusing Dems of segregation... ... Dems had turned Colorado into a segregated state, with which she agreed..

anti-fracking chaos in colorado

Colorado focus seems to be fracking because, being new, it's the scariest. ... That there is no science supporting these industry-crushing, economy-crushing buffer zones does not deter the greens one bit The organization pushing Prop 112 is Colorado Rising.. ..

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