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Fiebre del oro verde marihuana 'creepy beneficia traficantes de Colombia Published on August 2019. ... Green Gold Rush business for Colombia traffickers Published on August 2019. ..

appeal for peace and justice in colombia

Peace and justice for Colombia rally Sydney on August 3. day of action was held on July 26, to protest the killings of social activists Colombia.. ... Australian-based solidarity group United for Colombia released the following in response to the human rights violations. * * *...

geneva / colombia human rights

By the fact that this terrible trend seems to be worsening, The Spokesperson for Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, today expressed alarm at the number of human rights defenders being killed, harassed and threatened Colombia, and... ..

in colombia, civil society fights for peace

In March of this year, United Nations Verification Mission to Colombia, UN mission tasked with verifying the implementation of the accords particularly FARC-EP reintegration, reaffirmed its support for JEP as tool for placing victims rights at the center of peacebuilding.. ... The aim of these..

women weaving life in southern colombia

She survived the attack, and today works with Alianza de Mujeres Tejedoras de Vida, coalition of grassroots women's associations across the 13 municipalities of the department of Putumayo, Colombia.. Based in the municipality of San Miguel on the border with Ecuador, Sandra in one of many victims..

in defense of peace in colombia

., that the countries and parties will have 15 days as from its announcement to plan and materialize the return of the representatives of ELN to Colombia... ... Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba informs that, accordance with its responsibility it sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of..

for women, a contradictory peace in colombia

But grassroots feminist organizations Colombia are committed to holding the government accountable to its promises. ... Feminist networks in Caribbean region see the economy responding to the effects of Colombia's mining boom on women and gender roles in rural communities. ..

colombia: new armed groups plague afro-colombian zone

The 57-page report, Recycled Violence Abuses by FARC Dissident Groups Tumaco on Colombia's Pacific Coast, shows how flaws in the demobilization of FARC guerrillas and in their reincorporation into society helped prompt the formation of these new dissident groups. ... With at least seven rights..


path to Latin America Inter-American Court sets in case of journalist assassinated Colombia. ... Historic alliance between IACHR, Ecuador & Colombia will investigate murder of. ..

colombia: former guerrillas convert

Colombian government has permitted Bogotá-based megachurch called Avivamiento to begin building churches to convert ex-combatants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to Christianity.. ... Former FARC militants Wilmer Pérez, Eder Cristian, and left, right, play checkers at Mariana Paez..

colombia, farc agree to soft deal for terrorists

Álvaro Uribe, senator and former president of Colombia, has issued list of concerns with the deal under #AcuerdoDelmpunidad on Twitter. ... Using counterterrorism tactics United States army honed against al-Qaeda, Colombia managed to reduce the size of FARC to what it's today, about..

death and drugs in colombia

According to the success story, Uribe's achievements in dealing with the paramilitaries were even more peace talks with AUC commanders led to the dismantling of their organization, the demobilization of more than 30,000 combatants, and end to all Colombia. ..

the new face of violence in colombia

In fact, between 2007 and 2008 the number of yearly massacres in Colombia jumped by 42 percent, to 37 cases (involving 169 victims) from 26 cases (involving 128 victims). ... On the contrary, according to Social Action, in the years following the demobilization, internal displacement rates went up..

latin leaders reject clinton drug war

-backed military and police offensive aimed at drug trafficking and guerrilla groups Colombia.. ... It's unjust and counterintuitive that Colombia's efforts to strengthen to fight the threat it faces are the subject of complaints he said, referring to the guerrilla groups.. ..

clinton approves anti-drug program

The aid package, called Plan Colombia, includes $1 billion to train and equip the army and police forces of Colombia, judicial reform and human rights improvements. ... But Clinton, in Rose Garden on Wednesday, said Colombia was too precarious to wait... ..

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