a clinton memo that killed

A Hillary Clinton that Wikileaks made in 2016 has not gotten the attention it deserves.. ... The memo by then-Secretary of State Clinton begins with the subject of Iran, patron of Syria.. ..

hillary clinton and the politics of motherhood • the

It was clear from the beginning of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign that the woman issue was going to play large part, with emphasis on shattering glass ceilings. ... Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Convention have used this history to great effect, showcasing American tradition of..

for clinton, more people say ‘no’

According to Associated Press-GfK poll released on Thursday, seven Democrats Clinton positive marks, 11-point drop from April survey. ... That is less than the grass roots fundraising of many of Clinton's GOP and Democratic rivals with the exception of Bush.. ..

hillary clinton hospitalized with blood clot

The attack became the subject of heated political debate in the run-up to U.S November, and Republican lawmakers have demanded that Clinton appear to answer questions directly.. Clinton has stressed that she remains ready to testify and was expected to appear as planned, around the time..

clinton outlines religion in schools

But President Clinton's on prayer, like other policy issues, mainstream voters that he and Democratic Party are not hostile to traditional values.. I think it's smart move on Clinton's part, said Robert Boston, director of communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and..

in clinton, churches pray for change

Viewing that evangelical groups want Clinton to end that eight-year policy and drop U.S to Vatican.. ... On the other hand, Clinton has already been more receptive to the church council than his Republican predecessors, Hamilton said. ..

poll puts clinton, specter ahead in state

statewide poll Tuesday showed Bill Clinton is on the brink of becoming Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976 to capture Pennsylvania, while Republican Sen. ... By desertion by voters in the heavily, Clinton's 15-point lead was aided Republican Philadelphia suburbs, said Thomas E. ..

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