why can the cia assassinate people?

Constitution continued to be the law that governed the operations of the government, including CIA. ... Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary had the responsibility to declare CIA's power to assassinate people unconstitutional.. ..

beltway baloney on “speaking truth to power”

As ACLU analysis noted, In 2004, one year before the tapes destruction, judge ordered CIA to 'produce or identify records relating to the treatment of detainees CIA custody. ... CIA agent John Kiriakou disclosed that CIA was waterboarding detainees and was prosecuted..

guilt and shame…

James Mitchell back in 2014, Senate Intelligence Committee headed by Chairman Dianne Feinstein released the so called Torture Report to smear CIA and the private contractors that were involved Bush's enhanced interrogation of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and others. ... .The Senate has not contacted..

the cia takeover of the democratic party

former CIA agents, military commanders, and State Department officials will provide the margin of victory and hold the balance of Congress. ... CIA has spearheaded the anti- Russia against Trump large part and it has used the campaign to force in the policy of Trump administration on that..

the cia democrats: part one

in point is Elissa Slotkin, CIA operative with three tours Iraq, who worked the director of intelligence. ... Republican, Will Hurd, is CIA agent, so any in that district will have his or choice of intelligence agency loyalists in both Democratic and the general election.. ..

the shadows of an empire in decline

McCoy returned stateside to find FBI, CIA, and IRS all coordinating to stop him from publishing his research. ... In exchange for CIA amnesty, from 1987-89 the agency used Hyde's port in Bay Islands off of Honduras to conduct arms shipments to Nicaraguan Contras fighting Sandinista..

trump to end cia support for syrian rebels

Quoting two unnamed US officials, the suspension of the program on Wednesday, while CIA declined to comment on the topic. ... The decision to scrap CIA program was made about ago, after Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser H.R. ..

us: cia torture is unfinished business

Obama administration claims that legal obstacles prevent criminal investigations into torture by Central Intelligence Agency are unpersuasive, and risk leaving legacy of torture as option, released today. ... It also details actions that other countries should take to pursue..

the left coaster: bush admin crimes archives

March 9, 2006 - Uranium from Africa and Niger Forgeries When did CIA first receive copies of Niger uranium forgeries - Part 4 CIA-DGSE Interactions of 2001 2002 by eriposte. ... February 28, 2006 - Uranium from Africa and Niger Forgeries When did CIA first receive copies of..

nsa helped cia outmanoeuvre europe on torture

(on 2015-07-20) NSA Helped CIA Outmanoeuvre Europe on Torture . . Article Top German NSA Targets Top German NSA Intercepts . ... The visit occurred in the context of an escalating and ongoing scandal in Europe over clandestine 'rendition flights' conducted by the Central..

official website of james landrith

By political leaders and the public to do whatever it could to prevent another attack, I can understand CIA's impulse to consider the use of every tool to intelligence and remove terrorists from the battlefield, and CIA was encouraged... Apologists for CIA, including former Vice..

10 dirty secret cia operations

CIA recruited Pakistani doctor to organize vaccination in the town, and in the process collected thousands of blood samples from in the children — among them, as it turned out, Bin Laden's children. ... CIA set up camps to train the rebels, known as Mujahideen, in the necessary..

cia targets yemen al-qaida

The Associated Press has reported that U.S is building CIA air base in Persian Gulf region to target terrorists Yemen.. ... Covert by CIA offers U.S more freedom of action should Yemeni government decide to curb cooperation... ..

holder begins probe of cia

Holder decided to establish what he called a preliminary review including Central Intelligence Agency investigation completed in 2004 by CIA's inspector general and separate reviews by Justice Department internal affairs watchdogs and prosecutors.. ... By the..

cia reaction to al-qaida threat faulted

WASHINGTON -- The CIA had no strategy for dealing with al-Qaida before Sept 11, 2001, ation indicating that suspected terrorists had been dispatched to United States, CIA's inspector general concluded in report that was declassified on Tuesday. ... The CIA and National Security..

managua rejects rebel peace plan as cia ploy

Managua Rejects Rebel Peace Plan As Cia Ploy.. August 16, 1985 United Press International. ... Ortega said the rebel plan, instead of promoting peace, was CIA ploy to undermine negotiations by Contadora group consisting of Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela.. ..

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