the jihad on the christian cross

In Iraq, pictures emerged from Christian cemetery that was vandalized by Islamic State.  ... Note For more on the long history of jihad on Christian cross, recent book, Sword and Scimitar Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and West... ..

are mormons christian?

Whatever the doctrinal differences that exist between Latter-day Saints and members of other Christian religions, Latter-day Saints ascribe to members of Godhead largely correspond with the views of others in Christian world. ... For Christian theological debates in United..

is the pope christian?

It makes no sense to me Vatican is attacking gesture toward Christian faith.   ... If you like, you may replace that last part with the laws of liberty, or the laws of economics because the same poison has consumed all three and all three have their common roots Natural Law grounded in..

the holocaust and the christian world

Carol Rittner and John Roth elucidate the history and Christian roots of anti-Semitism  found in New Testament and suchearly Church Fathers and in later Christian preachers and theologians, such as Bernard of Clairvaux and Martin Luther. The authors describe the anti-Judaism of..

yep, it's official: america is a christian nation

The charter of Virginia, granted by King James I in 1606 commenced the in these words in propagating of Christian Religion to such People as yet Darkness.. ... Girard's Executors this Court observed 'It's also said, truly, that Christian religion is part of the law of Pennsylvania.. ..

the persecution of christian women

Rape is common form of persecution for Christian Islamic lands — fact that Open Doors substantiates via the testimony of Christian females. ... And this Lenten season, let Christian and non- Christian alike draw inspiration from the example of strength, courage, and..

palestinian christian diplomacy in fight against

Christ at the Checkpoint conference, organsied by Bethlehem Bible College, invited theologians from around the world to discuss and to debunk Christian Zionist myths justifying occupation and denial of freedom to Palestinians.. ... Government officials Palestine and Jordan need to refresh their..

the democratic party's war on christian orthodoxy

For many liberals, the problem is that the beliefs of many Catholics and other adherents of Christian theologies — or, for that matter, Jewish ones, not constitutional ones... She was questioning not merely whether second lady Karen Pence is right or wrong to teach at Christian school,..

turkey's war on christian missionaries

Christian across Ottoman Turkey and the anti- Greek pogrom Istanbul are some of the important events that led to the destruction of Christian community. 2001 report by National Intelligence Organization, for instance, claims that missionaries refer to Pontos in Black Sea, Yazidism,..

china: repression of christian church intensifies

Wang Yi, member of China's Christian and former scholar, is known for his impassioned sermons and criticism of Chinese Communist Party. ... In it Wang Yi vowed to use peaceful means to resist every and all governmental and judicial measures that persecute the church and interfere with..

the christian challenge to empire

Continuing on my journey of the necessity of Christian cultural foundations if liberty is the objective... Wright suggests that Christians who look for future of glory missing their calling today this is therefore the call for Christian leaders to act today, in this world.. ..

christian movements and denominations

Evangelicals are Christians who believe in the centrality of the conversion or born again experience in receiving salvation believe in the authority of Bible as God's to humanity and have commitment to evangelism or sharing Christian message. Footnotes 15 Center for Study of Global Christianity..

orthodox christian network

Orthodox Christian News, Radio and Video... The bark of Christian Church sails through troubled waters these days. ... The Orthodox Christian Network is commissioned agency of Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America. ..

10 plans christian radicals have for america

Dominionist blueprint for reclaiming America for Christ is spelled out in Seven Mountains Mandate — Christian takeover and control of the seven mountains of society business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, and religion. ... In Public Policy Polling survey released..

religious freedom as a christian doctrine

Lactantius, Christian apologist who lived in the persecution immediately preceding the letter, conveyed the doctrine of Tertullian to his own day. While Wilken indicated that there was no straight line from ideas of ancient and Christian thought to early modern thought on toleration,..

christian peacemaker hostages rescued

At least 430 foreigners, including 41 U.S citizens, have been taken hostage and seven are still being held, including Jill Carroll, American freelance writer for The Christian Science Monitor. ... By religiously inspired belief in nonviolence, Headquartered Toronto and Chicago, members of..

bush to shake christian voters' hands

This meeting is about giving people the information they need to find the road map back to our Judeo- Christian heritage, said Ed McAteer of Memphis, organizer of the briefing.. ... The 1980 rally, 000 people, launched Christian movement that opposes abortion and gay-rights laws and..

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