TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to prohibit US telecom firms from using equipment made by companies that pose a “national security risk” with an executive order – a ban apparently aimed at China’s Huawei. . . . . Report: Trump Era Boosted Illegal..

strivers, sulkers, and the state of israel

Books about Jewish success are best-sellers in China. Chinese students are applying to Israeli universities; 200 now attend the University of Haifa compared with just 20 in 2013, and nearly 200 are enrolled at the Technion, Israel’s elite science university. . . ..

bibi netanyahu: world's most strategic man?

But he is also preparing for a future that may be less Western-oriented by strengthening ties with Russia, China, and India. Furthermore, he is extricating western European influence over Israeli policy by contributing towards EU institutional weakness and befriending Cyprus, Greece, and the..

the wsj on us war plans against iran

Trump is easily manipulated to go along with bad advice he’s given – by his own foreign policy team and Netanyahu, regime change in Iran one of their key geopolitical aims, the same objective sought against Russia and China. . Israeli regimes have long urged US war on Iran, wanting their..

world war 3 averted – american free press

., Iran, UK, France, Russia, China, Germany agree. . By John Friend — . Despite the hysterical, irrational protestations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his sycophants embedded throughout all levels of the American political and media establishment, Iran finally came to a..

let's talk middle east, asia, cuba

In presentation, Houston-based consul Zhang Chun-Xiang from People's Republic of China will discuss his nation's priorities in the region, and current and potential trade between United States and China.. Later, two teams of young people, Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian-Arab, will tackle..

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