un / amnesty death penalty report

He said Amnesty believes China is executing thousands of people every year, putting the country firmly in the lead on the top executioners list, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Iraq.. China, Belarus, Vietnam, and any other state where, de facto, secret, to make sure that those statistics are..

general dhillon's threat to kashmiri mothers

The meeting was chaired by Sweden and attended by the representatives of Australia, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Iraq, Philippines, Sweden, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America. ..

opinion leaders turn cautious, public looks homeward

Changing Views of China . The Iraq war and continuing threat of terrorism have dramatically affected the way opinion leaders and the public look at potential threats from other countries. ... The public also is divided as to which country represents the biggest threat to the United States;..


France, Russia and China -- three veto-bearing Security Council members -- which hold rotating seats, have opposed U.S.-led against Iraq and insisted on granting the inspectors more time to hunt for banned weapons.. ..


Amendment ...

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