central tibetan administration

These plans constitute the militarization of Tibetan Plateau China's push against India and securing the border, Tibet serving as location of Chinese settlers and the source of natural resources for rapidly industrializing economy.   ..

india's women: the mixed truth

Because of this counteracting influence, the proportion of missing women in the total population has not declined in many countries, including China and India. ... Such efforts have had much more success in Korea than in China, where the female–male ratio at birth remains lower..

how to end the war in afghanistan

Finally, from Iran in the west to Pakistan in the east, from Central Asian Republics in the north to the regional powers of India, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Russia, Bonn Agreement failed to bind Afghanistan's neighbors into the long-term project of building new, more peaceful..

government restrictions index (gri)

Indeed, the 20 countries in the region with very high or government restrictions on religion including Iran, Uzbekistan, China, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam and India account for more than half of the population. ..

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