democracy in hong kong

The year, Beijing announced Greater Bay Area project, ambitious plan to integrate Hong Kong and cities in neighboring Guangdong Province into more region, one that could rival San Francisco Bay or Tokyo Bay areas and innovation and development. Echoing the connectivity of..


TEHRAN - The US president has kept European allies at bay while negotiating agreement with China that is poised to end tariff row to stop them from benefiting from what he calls my deal., citing European officials from several countries.. ... TEHRAN - The US president has kept European..

in munich, china shows positive role in global politics

China is assuming more global responsibility during its development, such as its efforts to safeguard global peace and security through UN peacekeeping missions, including anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden. . 'China obviously contributes its dynamic economy, participation in mutually..

government news 9/11

Vietnam and China held the 10th round of talks of the working group on the area off the mouth of Gulf of Tonkin and the 7th one of the working group on cooperation for development at Ningbo, China's Zhejiang province, on November 7. ..

sino-us relations

On the other hand Trump administration also issued very serious statement against Iran declaring that its policies are against the peace and security and now it seems that United States is reducing its naval forces in Persian Gulf for another perhaps more dangerous possible front.. Perhaps it was..

monthly review

Deepwater oil drilling is most advanced in Gulf of Mexico, and is spreading in other places, such Brazil's offshore zone, Gulf of Guinea, and South China Sea. ..

bombings kill hundreds in somali capital

A major factor in Washington’s drive for dominance over the Horn of Africa is the region’s strategic importance abutting the waterway for much of the world’s oil traffic flowing through the Red Sea from the Persian Gulf. . China’s increased economic influence in recent decades in..

9 last official shots of wars

On December 31, nine years later, Turner Joy arrived Subic Bay for resupply, then crossed South China Sea and supported the South Vietnamese and American ground advances into North Vietnam by firing almost non-stop for the next twenty-eight days. ..


Afghanistan ...

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