This blatant support for the illegal acts in Hong Kong SAR and China's internal affairs will harm China-UK relations.. 1997, ment related to British side were fulfilled and the statement became historical document. ..

democracy in hong kong

On trip to Hong Kong in 2017 to commemorate the anniversary of British handover, ing that any attempt to China's sovereignty and security or to challenge Beijing's power would cross red line.. ..

john bolton is donald trump's war whisperer (opinion)

The other parties to the agreement -- Britain, France and Germany, and China and Russia -- have remained in the deal.. British general based Iraq who is No in US-led anti-ISIS coalition contradicted that assessment on Tuesday, saying that there was no increased threat from Iranian-backed..

a safe space for chinese authoritarianism

Hong Kong, British colony which was handed back to China in 1997, enjoys partial freedoms even these freedoms are under attack and there is little hope for full suffrage. ... Chinese students are lucrative for British universities, particularly at time of budget cuts 1,451 of..

the british roots of the deep state

With the nearly weekly revelations that British Foreign Office, MI6, and GCHQ have been behind the long standing agenda to undermine Presidency of Donald Trump and undo the alliance between nationalist leaders America, Russia, China and elsewhere, new focus on British hand in undermining..

legal newswire

SPG Law is already pursuing group claims in UK against British Airways and Cathay Pacific following data data breaches and German VW for misleading customers over its emissions figures... ..

the rise of china as a superpower

The famous medieval network of trade routes from Europe to Asia, called Silk Road, ran through Kazakhstan to China. It's where Japanese invaded and how British Empire forced Chinese into trade concessions in the 1800s. ..

u.n. envoy warns of civil war in syria

The proposed contact group would still be divided between U.S and European nations urging intervention and sanctions on Damascus, and Russia and China. U.S and British officials have balked at including Iran, staunch ally of Assad and the regional nemesis of West. ..

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