waging war on iran would be madness

All nations the US does not control are on its target list for regime change, especially challengers to its hegemonic aims like China and Russia, along with oil rich ones like Iran and Venezuela.. It has sophisticated warplanes and drones, ballistic and cruise missiles, capable air defense system,..

xi jinping: influence in china and beyond

In 1971, Xi joined the Communist Youth League of China and went on to be accepted into Communist Party of China in 1974.. ... China claims almost all of the South China Sea lambastes United States and its allies over naval operations near Chinese-occupied islands,..

methane sos

Catastrophic greenhouse warming speaks for itself, as mid-latitude agricultural regions of China, India, and the US Midwest turn to dust and the tropics and the Middle East turn uninhabitable. ..


The endless wars and madness of outsourcing your middle class to China is over. . ... The endless wars and madness of outsourcing your middle class to China is over. . . ..

auckland.scoop.co.nz » housing decision welcomed

Engineering costs associated with single three-bedroom property to be erected Auckland have been in the order of $40,000 have included costs to send three Auckland Council employees to our China to inspect for quality... We were very happy to host Auckland inspectors China, Walmisley..

-china trade war

Commerce Department's on Monday to blacklist 28 Chinese and surveillance firms, citing human rights violations of Muslim minority groups China's Xinjiang province.. ... The two sides fail to agree on new steps to reduce U.S with China after the 100 days of talks.. ..

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