editor’s choice: october 02, 2019

Fireworks explode over Tiananmen Square on its National Day Beijing, China October 1, 2019... ... Militia members march Tiananmen Square during the military parade marking the 70th founding anniversary of People's Republic of China, on its National Day Beijing, China October 1,..

the tragedy of communist china

Communist China's 70th anniversary, with its spectacle of violence against demonstrators for Hong Kong, is moment to mark There is no difference between liberty and liberty. ... Note at the end of article says that China is losing PR campaign - more world opinion is seeing the in negative..

china: 1949-1989-2019

Maoist regime began not in 1949, with the declaration of People's Republic of China, except twenty years earlier, with the defeat of Chinese working class movement at the hands of Chiang Kai Shek.. ... In the 1940s, the survival of Stalin's system in USSR and the expansion of Stalin's into..

nuclear war: just another day

And now, as the US continues to stir up tensions with Iran and as China warns neighbouring countries about allowing US nuclear missiles aimed at it on their territories, much of the Western public and media remain oblivious to the dangers of conflict escalation and the biggest immediate threat to all..

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