desperate move to save western empire

And so, it antagonizes, provokes China, in all imaginable ways possible, from the US military buildup Asia Pacific, to encouraging several Southeast Asian countries plus Japan to politically and even irritate PRC. West, it seems, despises all the economic practices of China, be..


Under China's law and 'religious affairs regulation, the in Xinjiang Autonomous Region introduced 'Regulation on De-extremification. ..

trump at mid-term: bare knuckles from here on in

Despite Macron's efforts to forge Greater Europe, we seem to be re-entering pre-WWII era of special-interest alliances the recent one between China and Philippines and where Trump's of 'America First starts to be hummed by other nations, substituting of course their own country's name.  . ..

residents fear mekong blasting to proceed

China wants to eliminate the in the river to accommodate boat movement from Jinghing to Luang Prabang Laos.. ... Phase of the project, begun in 2015 and continuing into 2020, involves blasting 600 kilometres of rapids from Jinghing China to Myanmar border.. ..

china eyes argentina nuclear deal

BUENOS AIRES WASHINGTON Argentina and China aiming to close deal within days for the construction of South American power plant, dollar project that would cement Beijing's deepening influence in key regional US ally... ... China's to Argentina can be attributed to three factors natural..

rtw november 29, 2018

He explained that Russia had honored the treaty provision contrary to American allegations and reminded the Americans that Russia had back in 2007 supported extending the treaty worldwide, which would have addressed the American concern that China was free to develop and deploy such missiles. ..

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