the us-china trade war

The important consequence of U.S retaliatory measures would be re-globalizing China's trade with the US and it would be end of China's trade and China would be emerging while U.S might see slump as predicted by many economists.. The rise of China and the demise of..

silent spring: 50+ years after

By squandering mammoth amounts of money on military in, Governments egos are better served2018 United States spent USD$ 825 billion on weapons, and China spent USD 48 in 2017, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. . ..

ufo over chicago

Even China’s Communist Party recognized the importance of term limits, enacting limits after the epoch of one-man rule under Chairman Mao Zedong. ..

caravan contradictions – american greatness

America does not work or immigrants from Asia create enclaves that perpetually mimic the culture of China, or because Scandinavians have somehow maintained the socialism of Sweden inside United States.. ... Or more put, why is America so unlike China, Russia, or Mexico, in the sense..

the anti-war autumn is here

This is time to rebuild Russia and China, and continuing military and in Middle East and Latin America and increased military Africa and Asia. ... NATO Naval ships will enter Baltic Sea, and be placed off the coast of Norway where they could cut off the transportation of goods between Russia and..

a new cold war with china?

In effect, Cropsey wants to apply the strategy that helped end Cold War to America's growing conflict with China. ... Cropsey's plan overlooks another critical difference between the Sino- U.S and Cold War Soviet Union was China is rising. ..


Beijing Offers Iran to Join China-Pakistan Economic Corridor . TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Chinese diplomat underlined his country's enthusiasm to cooperate with Iran and Afghanistan within the framework of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). . . . . ..

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