extradition bill dead: lam

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam attends news conference Hong Kong, China on June 10, 2019. ... Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 under a one country, two systems formula that allows freedoms not enjoyed mainland  China,..

democracy in hong kong

All changes to political processes have to be approved by Hong Kong and National People's Congress, PRC's legislative body.. ... Over the past few years, China has moved to connect Hong Kong more to the mainland with the opening of station and..

china to defy uk- hong kong handover

Hong Kong's streets were flooded with tens of thousands of protesters Sunday, angry at law allowing suspects to be sent to China for trial.. ... The U.S secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, warned it could damage the rule of Hong Kong, and bipartisan committee urged Lam's..

hong kong (china)

The proposed amendments will allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to China... ... IFJ's report documents the deterioration of press freedoms Mainland China, and Hong Kong and Macau. ..

scoring china’s happiness quest

In World Happiness Report, China ranked 86th out of 156 countries, Hong Kong ranked 76th , while Taiwan ranked 26th . Contrary to China and Hong Kong, Taiwan which since 2017 has been referred to as province of China in the rankings shows..

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