democracy in hong kong

All changes to political processes have to be approved by Hong Kong and National People's Congress, PRC's legislative body.. ... Echoing the connectivity of China's Belt and Road Initiative, Greater Bay would constitute population of more than million people and trillion economy.. ..

fact-checking trump's monday interview on cnbc

To be fair, Treasury's report highlighted significant concerns over the depreciation of China's against the US, component of ongoing trade talks, and urged China to take steps to avoid weak currency... ... Mnuchin met with China's central bank governor, Yi, over the weekend on..

from dollar hegemony to global warming

. […] If we [now] acknowledge that there is a US dollar index cycle [punctuated by engineered crises, including war] and the Americans use this cycle to harvest from other countries, then we can conclude that it was time for the Americans to harvest China… . . ..

imperialism and the stupid show

In just three decades, capitalist production and its inherent contradictions have been utterly transformed by the vast global shift of production to low-wage countries, with the result that profits, prosperity, and social peace in imperialist countries have become qualitatively more dependent upon the..

federal death-penalty trial raises concerns

CHICAGO perplexed at the trial of former graduate student charged with kidnapping and killing University of Illinois from China said during selection last week that she did not understand how conviction could carry Illinois when the state struck punishment from its statutes years ago.. ..


In 2018, all the other signatories — Russia, China, Germany, France, the UK, and the EU — refused to follow the US example and confirmed their commitment to the accord, trying to save the deal with the Islamic Republic. . ... The statement gave the Group 4+1 (China, Russia,..

china, russia to elevate bilateral relations

Xi's state visit is of historic significance as this year marks the anniversary of the founding of People's Republic of China and the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. ... When China and Russia stand together, the world will be safer and more..

what happens after the next war

Doug Casey: Of all the countries in the world that I’ve traveled to—including backwards hell holes in Africa, Russia, China, it doesn’t matter—going through the US immigration, customs, and TSA, probably provides the most degrading experience. ..

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