israel's first-ever election rerun

According to press release, topics for discussion include China, Russia, Brexit, the future of Europe, climate change, the future of capitalism, the weaponization of media, the importance of space, the development of intelligence, and the danger of cyberthreats.. ..

did the left betray israel and zionism?

But again, the left has been, especially in the sixties, seventies, very, very, very supportive of extremely, extremely nationalistic movements: China, Vietnam, and we can–Cuba. ... And were trying to explain why it was, what you were fighting were not inherently subversive movements, as in the..

china’s ‘black week-end’

In the case of People's Republic, the story goes that earlier efforts to modernize China were failures and that only Chinese Communist Party was able to bullwhip the country into the future. ... Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn,   China Wakes The Struggle for Soul of Rising Power , and..

ozone-depleting cfcs return

However, by all appearances, China never got the memo. . Atmospheric observations, as well as on-the-ground investigations, have discovered a link of illegal CFC-11 in manufacturing districts in China. ... Dismally, it’s not only China. There are additional increases of CFC-11..

open forum: june 1, 2019

PNG and Vanuatu have chosen to express support for China's position on South China Sea where Beijing has been condemned by Australia and the community for building military installations on disputed islands. Chinese to Vanuatu Liu Quan has been quoted as saying that China..

dia: china doubling nuclear warhead arsenal

Over the next decade, China is to at least double the size of its nuclear stockpile in the course of implementing the expansion and diversification of its nuclear China's history... We expect this modernization to continue, and this trajectory is consistent with Chinese Xi's for..

europe in irreversible decay

Despite insane and sadistic embargos and sanctions imposed on them by West China, Russia and Iran are now flourishing, in many fields doing much better than Europe and North America.. ... No healthy and productive exchange of ideas, or profound debate something I am so used to China,..


China to Blacklist ‘Unreliable’ Foreign Firms Amid US Trade War . TEHRAN (FNA)- China's Commerce Ministry Spokesperson Gao Feng said on Friday that Beijing would move to create its own blacklist containing 'unreliable' foreign enterprises and individuals. . . . . ..

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