america’s war on venezuela

America seeks control of Venezuela South and Central American worlds. From Hugo Chavez took office, United States has been trying to overthrow Venezuela's movement by using sanctions, coup attempts, and funding the opposition parties. ..

hands off venezuela! – people's world

Under both President Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has repeatedly shown its willingness to maintain friendly relations with the United States and its people, even going so far as to help poor communities in the United States by providing them with discounted heating oil...

trump's coronation of guaido as venezuelan president

Also on Unelected Brussels bureaucrats support 'democracy Venezuela 'on behalf of EU Venezuela's current elected president, Nicolas Maduro, took over the presidency pledging to protect and continue the legacy of radical reforms Chavez inspired and introduced.. ... On policy,..

bonapartism returns to brazil

By tradition of military generals, He starts to look less like Hitler, draped and more like what he is, Bonapartist in Latin America still politically dominated, from Argentina's Juan Peron in the 1940s and 1950s to Hugo Chavez Venezuela in the 2000s.. ..

bolivarianism and bonapartism

pan-Americanism, and struggle around his name that Hugo Chávez described his own movement as Bolivarianism and even changed his country's official name to the 'Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under the Constitution of 1999. Indeed, Chávez and his Nicolás Maduro were in 2013,..

latin america

Jeffrey R Webber looks at the myths and the realities of Hugo  Chávez's impact on Venezuela, and considers the ahead. The death of Hugo Chávez is fundamental test for Boliviarian Revolution, writes Uruguayan Daniel Chavez. ..

venezuela: concentration and abuse of power under

President Hugo Chávez waves to supporters on the day he registered for re-election Caracas, Venezuela, on June 11, 2012. © 2012 Meridith Kohut The New York Times Redux The of power under President Hugo Chávez has taken heavy toll on human rights in  Venezuela, released..

league criticizes bombing

Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Fidel Castro of Cuba condemned the intervention and suggested Western powers were seeking to get their hands on Libya's oil reserves rather than limit the in the country.. ..


Maduro ...

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