when is it ok to topple a sitting government?

Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro has been involved in combatting illicit drugs trafficking one of many reasons why the US seeks regime change, wanting nothing interfering with the free flow of cocaine, heroin, and other drugs into America, other Western societies and elsewhere.  . ..

maduro must go

Chávez's successor, Nicolás Maduro, has been even worse. He's Chávez without the mo. ... The largest anti-government protests of the Chávez-Maduro era ensued. ..

bolivarianism and bonapartism

Indeed, Chávez and his Nicolás Maduro were in 2013, Maduro Administration added Chávez's signature to museum-exhibited copy of Declaration of Independence.. ... In short, for all the rhetoric of 1st socialism, like that of Chávez, Maduro's regime..

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