why the us puppet president of venezuela is toast

For background, Reuters tells the reader that President Maduro “took office in 2013 following the death of his political mentor, Hugo Chávez,” but fails to mention that Maduro took office via a democratic national election. Guaidó has never stood in a national election. He was elected..

venezuela's guaidó asks for relations with us military

By the opposition will seek to, He announced Saturday forthcoming meeting with U.S military officials and said that new actions taken achieve the necessary pressure to put end to Bolivarian revolution launched 20 years ago by President Hugo Chávez.. Guaidó has said that as Venezuela's..

wsj rage against venezuelan social democracy

Journal's lead Latin America Mary O'Grady once called Hugo Chavez threat to peace, jaw-dropping example of her vitriolic hate-mongering and serial lying — all disinformation pieces.. Guaido took gamble last Tuesday when he stood outside La Carlota air base Caracas at dawn and called on..

venezuela government calls two new counter protests

'We summon the whole chavista population to mobilize and celebrate the definitive exit from this area of US domination and subordination,' he added, referring to supporters of the late president and Maduro's predecessor Hugo Chavez. . The government's announcement comes three days after..

day of wrath

One cannot over estimate the importance of race in the opposition to Chavez and now Maduro from the US and from the fascist white South Americans that are behind Guaido .. ..

maduro must go

On Wednesday, President Trump took the extraordinary step of recognizing the president of the National Assembly, 35-year-old dissident Juan Guaidò, as Venezuela's rightful leader. The largest anti-government protests of the Chávez-Maduro era ensued. ..

trump regime upping the stakes in venezuela

In April 2002, the Bush/Cheney regime forcefully installed Federation of Chambers of Commerce head Pedro Carmona as interim president, replacing Hugo Chavez, the coup aborted after two days. . Do Trump regime hardliners have a similar scheme in mind, Guaido their designated puppet? ..

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