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Bush in yet another chapter of an unsinkable career, Bolton failed to dislodge Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, the Sandinistas, or Cuba’s Fidel Castro (at one point, he accused Havana of developing biological weapons, without solid evidence). ..

venezuela: none of our business

That began to backfire in 1998 with the election of Maduro’s predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez. Chavez cultivated closer relations with communist (Cuba and China) and former communist (Russia) countries, while implementing socialist economic programs. . ..

trump's coronation of guaido as venezuelan president

Also on Unelected Brussels bureaucrats support 'democracy Venezuela 'on behalf of EU Venezuela's current elected president, Nicolas Maduro, took over the presidency pledging to protect and continue the legacy of radical reforms Chavez inspired and introduced.. The literacy known its..

socialism hasn’t failed venezuela, economic war has

There has been a constant assault on the Venezuelan people over the past four years but it really started in 1999 when Hugo Chavez came to power. . The very same strategy has been implemented in other countries such as Chile and Cuba, and can be understood as those mechanisms used by major..

monthly review

The “vestige of the past” (Cuba) will disappear, populist uprisings (of the Chávez type) will come to nothing, and the increase of indigenism will be absorbable. . ..

league criticizes bombing

Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Fidel Castro of Cuba condemned the intervention and suggested Western powers were seeking to get their hands on Libya's oil reserves rather than limit the in the country.. ..


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