the venezuelan crisis, explained

Venezuela was the first country to turn to the in the region, and we had leftist presidents Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, at the time, Uruguay. The in which Chávez and later Maduro operated, towards progressive policies, in the economy, away from the..

peculiarities of us imperialism in latin america

Moreover, ‘centrist’ regimes in Peru and Chile remained neutral. Furthermore Venezuela and its allies ensured that the US did not control regional organization. . President Chavez as a former military officer secured the loyalty of the military, undercutting US plots to organize coups. ...

socialism hasn’t failed venezuela, economic war has

There has been a constant assault on the Venezuelan people over the past four years but it really started in 1999 when Hugo Chavez came to power. . The very same strategy has been implemented in other countries such as Chile and Cuba, and can be understood as those mechanisms used by major..

the end of the beginning

Chronologically, Venezuela's Hugo Chávez got the party started for Latin American left. The lighter, market-oriented democracy model built by Socialist Party Chile and Worker's Party Brazil stand stark contrast to Chavismo's anachronistic project.. ..

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