the venezuelan coup: a media success?

In 2002 the US supported the coup, claimed done in the name of democracy, against Hugo Chávez, the democratically elected Venezuelan leader. In 2009 the US went against international opinion, including that of the Organization of American States, and recognized the result of Honduras..

venezuela: democratic uprising or us coup?

Neoliberal economic policies caused massive crisis in the 1990s, leading to the election of Hugo Chávez, minister of economy under Maduro. Trump's Latin American policy is now spearheaded by John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and group of neocons determined to reassert US control of..

america’s war on venezuela

America seeks control of Venezuela South and Central American worlds. From Hugo Chavez took office, United States has been trying to overthrow Venezuela's movement by using sanctions, coup attempts, and funding the opposition parties. ..

canada’s ndp should oppose venezuela coup

All of which should have offered opportunity for political party of the left to differentiate from the business, pro- American, Liberals. Canadian Labour Congress, Vancouver and District Labour Council, Common Frontiers, Rights Action, Kingston Peace Council, Hugo Chavez People's Defence..

imperialism with a human face

By contrast, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and his Latin American and Caribbean allies assembled in the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) announced their opposition to America’s shock doctrine. ..

the exceptional nation

Chavez in Venezuela perhaps was the longest lasting indigenous leader. ... Indigenous Latin American leaders are unacceptable to Washington, because they tend to be reformers who represent their country’s people instead of American business and financial interests. ..

maduro must go

That beleaguered South American country took its first steps on the road to serfdom in 1999, when Hugo Chávez was elected to the first of four presidential terms. ... Chávez was more than a typical Latin American populist. His regime was the rallying place for the..

trump's coronation of guaido as venezuelan president

This fruits of this policy were the establishment of the Latin American trading bloc known as Mercosur, the economic, political and cultural integrationist project knows as ALBA, and the pan-Latin American television and media network, Telesur. . Prior to his death, Chavez also had ambitions..

will trump rule by decree?

Goitien worries that Trump could also use Insurrection Act to deploy U.S troops on the streets of American cities. The writer was Venezuelan to United States, trying to defend his boss, Hugo Chavez, from the charge that he was governing like dictator. ..

trump thinks whatever he says is law

Approaching Trump's comments from the conservative viewpoint and sounding chord, Linda Chavez, Reagan administration official and now director of Becoming American Initiative, ment that Trump's effort to strip newborns of immigrants of their citizenship exposes the depths of his contempt..

bonapartism returns to brazil

By tradition of military generals, He starts to look less like Hitler, draped and more like what he is, Bonapartist in Latin America still politically dominated, from Argentina's Juan Peron in the 1940s and 1950s to Hugo Chavez Venezuela in the 2000s.. The reasons for Bonapartist strain Latin..

regime change 2.0: is venezuela next?

This was unforgivable — neither could Venezuela be allowed to lead bloc of oil-producing countries nor could it be allowed to create bloc of Latin American states that opposed U.S interference. Honduras against the government of Manuel Zelaya, ally of Chávez, was direct shot across..

maduro's time is running out in venezuela

This illustrates what the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI 2016), which compares governance and policymaking in 129 developing and transition countries, concludes about events of the past years: “What we have come to observe in Venezuela is the exceptional spectacle of a personalistic..


CARACAS, VENEZUELA Chavez: U.S. detained my foreign minister Venezuela's foreign minister was detained by U.S. authorities at a New York airport for more than hour Saturday as he tried to return to the South American country, President Hugo Chavez said. ..


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