bank of canada making effort to lie low during federal

OTTAWA -- The economy is top concern for Canadian voters and the Bank of Canada, authority on the issue, will be silent during the election campaign.. we aim to ensure our messages are not misinterpreted or misused during period of heightened sensitivity, Nicholas Galletti, spokesman for the Bank..

in canada, inuktut is a dying language

Inuit who said their language is Inuktut made up 65 percent of the population of Nunavut in 2016, down from 72 percent in 2001, according to the study by Statistics Canada.. ... Nunavut was hived off from Northwest Territories in 1999 to give Inuit their own government within Canada.. ..

the fourth of july is for making fun of canada

People who've fled slavery and wars to Canada have not obtained Freedom, only pneumonia and, NBA team, and lifespan, and security, and better education, and other such worthless muck. ... Strip the song down to its first verse, as most people do, and it remains celebration of war, of the mass..

who wants to move to canada?

Beginning in the 1960s the power of unions in United States declined, and grew Canada... ... International, Oh, and we have some members Canada. ) For that reason, Canada's regime was modeled on U.S emphasis on government-certified bargaining units with firm-level contract..

canada: police fail indigenous women in saskatchewan

  © 2012 Reuters Indigenous women's accounts of police abuse Saskatchewan raise serious concerns about their in the province, in submission to Government of Canada. ... The crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous Canada means that police services across the country should be aware of..

canada, israel and the “rule of law”

Quietly, without the fuss generated by Donald Trump's flashy and Jerusalem, Canadian trade officials have been cleansing legal clauses from Canada- Israel Free Trade Agreement. ... The amendment would create new obligations on the Government of Canada, Chair ruled.. ..

a new party in canada

By way of referendum mandate, Forty years later, with two failed attempts at renegotiating the relationship of Québec with the rest of Canada, PQ has proven that it can be ordinary government, implementing the same kind of pro-business policies as Liberals. ..

rule of law - canada style

There is much that can be presented about Canada's real rule of law both domestically internationally, ranging from the bombing of Serbia and the bombing and overthrow of Gaddafi Libya to the denial of indigenous rights across Canada. ... Canada has long supported U.S hegemony,..

china-canada row: judicial recriminations fly

For instance, Chinese vice-foreign minister said Canada's detention of Meng not only violates legitimate rights and interests except also ignores the law and is unreasonable, unconscionable, extremely vile in nature.. Around that time, number of Canada's allies, including the US,..

canada takes a hostage: free meng wanzhou

So as Trump sat with Xi, smiling like in the sun, he knew that Meng Wanzhou was being arrested, and continued to act like the lizard he is, while Xi acted in good faith unaware of what was happening further Canada.. But the unilaterally imposed and illegal sanctions placed against Iran by USA,..

canada and the rule of law

Canada's to the rule of law is much spoken of nowadays by Liberal politicians in regards to current pending extradition request made by United States to Canada. ... China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying stated, United States and Canada ca not continue to boast that..

china playing power politics with canada

Asked whether the detention of Kovrig, diplomat, and Spavor, businessman, was related to, or retaliation for, Canada's arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Kang neither confirmed nor denied it.. ... In opinion piece The Globe and Mail on December, Chinese to Canada, Lu Shaye, the executive's detention..

canada seems to prefer state of 'war' in korea

Two Global Affairs Canada statements released last month on the 'North Korea nuclear crisis' studiously ignored the Koreas’ push for an official end to hostilities. ... Canada should welcome peace in Korea even if it may trouble those seeking to maintain 30,000 US troops to 'contain'..

canada s/court hails disfellowshipping arrangement of

Wall,  the Supreme Court of Canada decided on May 31, 2018, that religious groups are free to determine their own membership and rules, thus recognizing that the arrangement should remain free from court intervention... Supreme Court of Canada building Ottawa... The Court concluded..

canada withdrawing jets from daesh battle

Canada to withdraw jets fighting Daesh Iraq and Syria. Canadian CF-18 jets Canada's new government says it will uphold its campaign promise and withdraw the fighter jets. ... Canada was engaged in previous training mission Iraq, which ended as the US withdrew its forces from..

america’s plan to wage war on canada in the 1930s

Some American strategists saw opportunity to strike decisive blow against war-weary Britain and to wrest control of some of empire including Canada   before she could revive her military strength.  ... Kevin Lippert's book about the program is titled War Plan Red United States Secret Plan to..

canada deploys “peacekeepers” to wage war in mali

By calling for the withdrawal of, In the campaign, Liberals sought to capitalize on opposition to war Canadian fighter jets from Middle East and end to Canada's combat mission Iraq and Syria. ... Lester Pearson, who is celebrated played in the establishment of both NATO and NORAD and supported..

oppose trudeau and trump, the canada-us alliance, and

In Canada, as around the world, the pseudo-left hailed January 2015 election of their co-thinkers Syriza on program that combined pledges to end austerity with support for European Union and NATO. ... All the major upheavals of the working class North America, galvanized support on both sides of..

canada: sex workers need decriminalization

Brenda Belak is the sex workers rights lawyer at Pivot Legal Society, Vancouver, Canada that does advocacy and litigation on behalf of marginalized communities to achieve social change. She has worked on violence against women as human rights issue in and U.N forums and is on the advisory council..

10 political misconceptions about canada

curiosity point between the two systems is that in Canada all criminal laws are created and applied at the federal level, decide the laws applicable within them... ... British North America Act was the document that spelled out the creation of the confederation of Canada. ..

canada vote oks marriage for gays

TORONTO -- The House of Commons voted Tuesday night to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples throughout Canada despite opposition from Conservatives and splintering of Liberal Party caucus.. ... considered formality, Canada will become the third government, after Netherlands..

environmental protection review canada

Environmental Protection Review Canada is group of expert adjudicators ( called. ... Review Officers conduct reviews of Compliance Orders issued under Antarctic Environmental Protection Act, Canada Wildlife Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing..

suspect in canada tests extradition law

The request for precedent-setting ruling has rekindled debate over whether country with no death penalty should send people to execution elsewhere and whether Canada could become haven for fugitives. Capital punishment was abolished Canada in 1976, and under terms of U.S.-..

canada curbs trade with south africa

Canada's action, approved in Cabinet meeting, stopped short of requiring Canadian companies to pull out of this country, where they have estimated $200 million invested. ... South African Foreign Ministry, which had expected Canada's new Progressive Conservative government to be more..

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