california to sue trump administration over national

Gavin Newsom said Friday that California is planning to sue Trump administration over its declaration of emergency on the border with Mexico, Atty. ... The lawsuit announced Friday would be the 46th legal challenge filed by Becerra against Trump administration, and California has had..

california needs a public ombudsman

For 50 years, California law has required government agencies to make most records available to the public upon request, must be accountable... ... Under his proposal, the referee would work in the office of the already existing California State Auditor. ..

is california ignoring its tenant crisis?

Amie Fishman, head of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, said CASA compact creates bold solutions to our region's housing crisis and badly-needed relief for all of our community members... By reducing the allowable rent hikes, And considering  California..

california and the death penalty

Jerry Brown reduced the prison sentences of 131 people California and pardoned another 143, giving them far better chance to reintegrate into society.. ... On the other hand, California has the largest death row in the nation — nearly 740 people, more than three times the size of Texas..

california department of public health

Valley Fever Cases Continued to Increase California in 2017. California Department of Public Health - November 14, 2017, 02 29 01 PM... Increase Reported Valley Fever Cases California in 2017. California Department of Public Health - October 19, 2017, 03 49 53 PM.....

california supreme court spikes clemency petitions

David Ettinger, attorney at appellate firm Horvitz & Levy who writes about California Supreme Court at blog called At Lectern, could not distinguish them from accepted cases based on information. ... the rejections came months after California Supreme Court published order noting that..

a california jew in a time of anti-semitism

Wherever I have lived, whether in New York, northern California, North Carolina, Manchester, England and Mexico City, I have experienced anti-Semitism. ... When I settled in northern California forty-two years ago, I naively thought I would escape anti-Semitism. ..

california state university

California State University. POSTS 0 COMMENTS... CSU Will Accommodate Applicants Affected by California Wildfires... ... California State University Working to Save California from Sea Level Rise... ..

presstv-death toll rises to 23 in california wildfire

PressTV-Death toll rises to 23 California wildfire. By flames from massive wildfire, The charred remains of 14 more people have been found in and around Northern California town overrun, on Saturday, raising the death toll to at least 23.. ... Burned-out vehicles are seen on the side of..

california school closes temporarily after unvaccinated

In one of those stories that no one could have predicted, California school had to close down because student contracted measles overseas and returned to the classroom. ... It can be prevented with MMR vaccine, which nearly all California students will be required to receive for the year..

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