jeremy corbyn

minister returns from Brussels clutching piece of paper, deal to withdraw in manner from the.. ... Sunday October 20 2019, 12.00pm., The Sunday Times., Political Editor Peter Conradi, Brussels Steven Swinford, The Times.. ..

isis's campaign in europe: march 2016

Reports following November 2015 Paris attacks and Brussels attacks indicate European governments have incomplete, fragmented intelligence on the identity and communications of ISIS's members Europe. ... ISIS network responsible for Paris and Brussels attacks demonstrated resiliency and..

terrorists and europe's "newspeak"

Yvan Mayeur, Socialist Mayor of Brussels, said that to combat anti-Semitism and racism, his city needed more diversity.. Yesterday, French police arrested the terrorist accused of murdering three Jews Brussels, Belgium on the eve of European elections. ..

european dreams vs. mass migration

The diktats of Brussels on immigration and quotas have broken the unity of Europe and resulted in the virtual secession of Visegrad countries. ... In September 2002 I participated in meeting of the cultural centers of European Union member states Brussels., German- Syrian Bassam Tibi,..

the europe of nations vs. the europe of brussels

John Fonte is American critic of what he calls Europe of Brussels.. Thus, his is voice worth listening to connection with European parliamentary elections now being held.. The election, says John, represents a war of ideas between ' Europe of Nations and ' Europe of Brussels — between..

belgium votes in hybrid eu-national election

At the regional level, they will be sending representatives to Flemish, the parliament of Wallonia, the parliament of German-speaking community, and the parliament of Brussels-Capital region.. Belgium is divided into the three regions, Dutch speaking Flanders in the north, French speaking..

stephen lendman

May structured deal to Brussels, not majority Brits, or UK would remain in EU with most of its membership duties and privileges, including duty-free trade with other European countries.. ... Chances for Britain to leave EU with no deal are virtually nil chances for UK and Brussels to..

parliament goes chicken on brexit

The House of Commons has just resolved that it will not let Britain leave EU without explicit permission from Brussels, or, that they will not let Britain crash out with no deal.. ... What was not expected was the readiness of British MPs to collude with Brussels in the hope of..

how trump made war on angela merkel and europe

This past July, on the day of NATO summit Brussels, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, proposed emergency meeting. ... By mid- July, at NATO summit Brussels, the President and Chancellor were working to maintain façade of personal civility But any pretense of agreement had long since..

tilting at straw men: secretary pompeo’s ridiculous

Speaking in Brussels today, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unwittingly underscored why nobody takes the United States seriously on the international stage. ... “The central question that we face,” Pompeo asked in Brussels, “is the question of whether the system as currently..

how to save brexit

To grasp the magnitude of what has been done to Brexit, consider this 17.4million Britons voted to take back control from Brussels, and yet Brussels will 'retain all the controls as part of the deal agreed by Theresa May. ... The bloc of voters in the entire history of this nation calls..

the tyranny of the european union

The battle between Rome and Brussels over Italy's budget reminds us what crock that is... ... This is not the time such humiliation has been inflicted on Italy it has been one of Brussels prime whipping boys for the best part of decade. ..

daesh runs secret cells in eu: clapper

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Monday the terror cells are similar to the groups that carried out Paris and Brussels and are engaged secret activities, ... ... Paris attacks November and March assaults Brussels have set off growing fears among American and European..

in the capital of europe

Already in the 1860s, Baudelaire, called Belgian capital town, mummy of town, it smells of death, Middle Ages, and tombs.. Brussels, is Francophone, and it's also the capital of Dutch-speaking Flanders and the capital of European Union. ..

belgium: first islamic state in europe?

According to the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur, all the in European capital are now in the hands of Salafists.. ... Not hiding their strategy anymore, they're starting to infect small country and get it to spread islam quietly silently through Brussels, for. ..

france to take in 24,000 refugees over two years

French François Hollande announced on Monday that France will take in 24,000 refugees over the next two years, as requested by Brussels.. ... French presidency announced European powerhouses would send joint proposals to Brussels for organising the welcome of refugees and their Europe..

william drozdiak

It also organizes Brussels Forum, corporate, and intellectual leaders to discuss global 21st century challenges facing Western alliance.. ... He earned in economics at the College of Europe Bruges and did postgraduate studies at the Institute of European Studies at the University of..

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