the camel's nose is in the tent -

British Colonial Office, however, in 1922, soon arbitrarily tore away from Mandate the east of the River Jordan and gave it away to Abdullah bin Hussein. ... British, hoping to ease Arab against Mandate, further abandoned their responsibility to Jewish people and tried to..

capturing history

South African Jan Smuts, member of British War Cabinet, was involved in the discussions behind Balfour Declaration and Versailles Treaty, and recalled the views of British Cabinet in deciding to favor Jewish Palestine.. Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, British of in Middle East,..

martin luther king and zionism

While law established the right of Jewish Palestine in San Remo Agreement of 1920 and Palestine Mandate in 1922, the nations of the world did not recognize Jewish State until 1948-9. The mini- Arab against Jews in 1936-9 killed thousands, and made British administrators institute ceiling..

the jewish terrorists

This is how Reader's Digest, Frederick Painton, described his encounter with Jewish terrorism early in 1944.1 Painton heard were the opening shot of the revolt against British Mandate announced on February by Irgun Zvai Leumi. ... Ze'ev Aleksandrowicz Hebrew and Yiddish poet..

a history of the mukhabarat

Important activities included cooperation between British and Jewish agency which contributed in the formation of the state of Israel, and financing Arabia to start the Great Arab Revolt against Ottoman Empire the latter proved to be great success.. ..


Jews ...

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