5 jewish things to know about boris johnson

For British Jews, Johnson is a mixed bag because of his record on Israel, his own Jewish roots and his apparent disregard for how many Britons expect senior politicians to speak about religious minorities. . 1. ... British politicians rarely call themselves “Zionists,” partly..

polish joke

He went on to blame Jews for the iron fist of Soviet rule Eastern Europe, and accused Jews of reign of terror against British and Arabs prestate Israel.. ..

british activist advocates destruction of israel

-Based Socialist Fight Organization Activist Gerry Downing We Think Israel Must Be Destroyed Because It Is Racist, Genocidal Endeavor. British Gerry Downing, said in June 24, 2019 episode of Kalima Horra, on pro-Hizbullah Mayadeen TV hosted by former British MP George Galloway,..


Fortunately, Jewish Agency is on the in U.K creating connections between British Jews and the state of Israel through Israeli emissaries in schools and local communities, enabling aliyah to Israel for those. ..

rashida tlaib, you've got the history all wrong

Tlaib's framing also disregards British prewar proposal to partition Mandatory Palestine, which was designed to reconcile the competing desires of Jews for Jewish state in their homeland and the desire of Arabs for Palestine to be Arab. ... On the international scene, the three most prominent..

media smoothed way to corbyn target practice

It was claimed that this lifelong, very activist who over decades had forged strong ties to sections of British Jewish community, despite being steadfast of Israel was, at worst, secret anti-semite and, at best, providing succour to anti-semites as they overran Labour party.. ... Then,..

south africa’s war against white farmers

This time of crushing will afflict all the descendants of Israel, including British and Dutch South Africans and Americans, Australians, British, Canadians and others. ( For proof of these national identities, request free copy of our book The United States and Britain Prophecy, by Herbert..

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