rashida tlaib, you've got the history all wrong

Tlaib's framing also disregards British prewar proposal to partition Mandatory Palestine, which was designed to reconcile the competing desires of Jews for Jewish state in their homeland and the desire of Arabs for Palestine to be Arab. ... On the international scene, the three most prominent..

u.s. departure from middle east linkage

The Eisenhower administration was gambling on winning over Abdul Nasser, Egyptian dictator, and demanded that Israel withdraw from Sinai completely unconditionally, following Sinai Campaign of October 1956. U.S position of demanding Israel's from Sinai, and British and French..

media smoothed way to corbyn target practice

It was claimed that this lifelong, very activist who over decades had forged strong ties to sections of British Jewish community, despite being steadfast of Israel was, at worst, secret anti-semite and, at best, providing succour to anti-semites as they overran Labour party.. ... Then,..

jewish catastrophe, jewish disunity

catastrophe is indeed coming Britain's Labour Party has engaged in openly behavior to the point that some British Jews considering moving to Israel, France has been peppered with murders of Jewish citizens, and antisemitic attacks on Jewish citizens of United States have seen their largest..

pac london: the first trumpet campaign in england

This time of crushing will afflict all the descendants of Israel, including British and Dutch South Africans and Americans, Australians, British, Canadians and others. ( For proof of these national identities, request free copy of our book United States and Britain Prophecy, by Herbert W. ..

a jewish writer in america–ii

The defense of Zionist state has led to the creation of mini-superpower, and thus Israel is to degree obliged to share the malaise we all suffer — French, Italians, Germans, British, Americans, and Russians. The formation of Israel was response to the nihilistic rage of the..

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