saddamizing al-assad

Yes, that’s vintage Versailles-era Churchill promoting the “moral effect” of chemical weapons, with an eye to quelling the contentious “tribes” of soon-to-be British Mandate Iraq. ..

the war of lies

Washington lured him into invading Kuwait, another American- British oil satrapy.  hue and cry went out from Washington and London that Iraq had nuclear weapons that threatened the entire globe.  ..

monthly review

U.S and British air strikes on Iraqi centers of resistance account for the preponderance of the violent deaths among the 100,000 civilians, mostly women and children, that have died so in the war — according to study carried out Iraq by U.S and British health experts and published in..

iraqi forces find daesh mass grave near mosul

This picture provided by British daily The Daily Telegraph shows Khafsa sinkhole just off the Baghdad- Mosul Iraq. British daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that Khasfa sinkhole was the biggest mass in conflict-ridden Iraq as it was the resting place of..

marines free 7 american pows

It accused that country of harboring members of Hussein's regime and of possessing the same type of chemical weapons that drew United States into war with Iraq.. Franks said that American and British forces control most of Iraq's militarily significant regions and that Iraqi..

bush left unmoved by war protests

A Security Council diplomat said he believed that any British-American resolution on Iraq would be 'hard to negotiate; I think it will take to the end of this month.' By then, Britain and the United States are expected to have a force of 200,000 in the Persian Gulf region, poised to strike..

report says new zealand sas is fighting in iraq

in British Guardian on October outlining the role of Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in US-led assault on Mosul, Iraq's second city, noted that British, Australian and New Zealand SAS commandos are Iraq, along with US forces, where they have been calling in airstrikes to support..

christian peacemaker hostages rescued

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Aided by tip from Iraqi, British-led military Thursday rescued three Western peace activists. ... By military and in, The mission, led by British Special Air Services team, follows weeks and weeks of very careful work Iraq and many civilians as well,..

a people's history of iraq: 1950 to november 1963

Citing January 1, 1994 issue of London Guardian newspaper as his source, Rogue State that papers of British cabinet of 1963, later declassified, disclose that the coup had been backed by British and CIA.. ... There were women and old men among them and many were tortured to death in the presence..

gunmen kidnap iraq's care chief

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Gunmen on Tuesday kidnapped the head of CARE humanitarian group Iraq, British-born woman in her 60s. ... We call for whoever is holding hostage to think of her family and the good work she is doing Iraq, Ideel Jafferi, Islamic relief spokesman, told..

iraq hand-over has u.n. blessing

But he added, Naturally it will take quite time before the adoption of the document will have any impact on the real change on Iraq... British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bush's closest ally in the coalition that deposed Saddam, said, We all now want to put divisions of the past behind us..


Americans ...

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