1942 (or 1765 before gst)

It made perfect sense, which had led to the surrender of Quebec to British by French in 1763. ... As result of the war, French surrendered their claims to territory North America, and not to British. ..

a world divided by ideologies

We are Brazilian, French, British, American, etc successful, middle class, or unsuccessful and poor white or non-white colonizer or the strong or weak, inclined Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, socialist, capitalist, and so on. ... Italy competes with Japan, British with..

the rise and fall of new world slavery

The whole issue of the future of slavery and the slave trade was posed in new way by slave Saint-Domingue, and it took over decade for the emancipation program to triumph against succession of deadly foes — French royalists, Spanish, British, finally Napoleon Bonaparte.. ... But,..

can we please learn from history?

One hundred years later, one can say that on balance British and French systems were better than German and one must also admit that Algerian subject of French Empire or African subject of British Empire might have different perspective and also that Russian Empire made..

justin trudeau’s high-mindedness

Between 1791 and 1804 ' Haitians would defeat tens of thousands of French, British and Spanish troops, leading to the world's first only successful large-scale slave revolution. ... Essential tools of war the privateers also wanted to protect British Atlantic colonies Caribbean..

dr elias akleh – countercurrents

American, British, French tripartite aggression against Syria last Friday, April 13th, is grave war crime violating article 51 of United Nation charter, except in the case of self-defense, or with the consent of majority of UN members according to chapter seven. ..


British, French, American governments are all behind this, they are all supporting this war, .. Stanforth blamed British in particular, saying that London should stop its arms sales to Saudi Arabia. ..

wwi centennial: central powers in collapse

The general offensive kicked off with the Franco- American assault in Meuse- Argonne on September 26, 1918, setting the stage for British, Belgian, and French attacks further west. On the plus side, however, Americans were well supplied with artillery and ammunition, including 700 tanks,..

the iso and the imperialist politics of the pseudo-left

The International Socialist Organization is stepping up its efforts to legitimize American imperialism's military interventions in Middle East in the wake of US-British-French missile strikes against Syria, the intensified against Iran signaled by President Donald Trump's pullout from Iran..

the downfall of france [excerpt]

For British and French Governments were neither of them in condition to react to the event instantly and unison. ... But the larger bodies of British troops landed at several points on Norwegian coast, and French and Polish troops that had accompanied or followed them,..

10 mind-blowing wars that nearly happened

More Napoleonic French already had their eyes on British settlement — according to report uncovered by historians at University of Adelaide.. The author of the report, argued that British colony could be utilized better by French, instead of being prison for exiled..


American ...

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