paul jackson

Paul Jackson Paul Jackson is Senior Lecturer History, University of Northampton, and in the cultural dynamics of British, American and European extreme right groups. His most recent book, Colin Jordan and Britain's neo-Nazi Hitler's Echo explores the development of British right..

trump seeks to destroy the eu

Many English citizens do not have complete understanding of EU, British and UK Parliament's move to leave European Union. ... White House officials waiting for the realization of British from European Union. ... ..

the brexit breakup gets messier

British government has been member of EU family from the beginning. ... In 1973, British government joined European Economic Community. But over the years, it negotiated rebate that reduced its financial contributions and opted out of flagship policies, including the euro and..

presstv-british fm likens eu to soviet union

PressTV-British FM likens EU to Soviet Union. British Foreign Jeremy Hunt has likened European Union to Soviet Union London's struggle to exit the bloc.. ... European Union has said that parts of British Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to exit EU are..


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