promoting canadian imperialism

Officially formed in 1928, CIIA's stated aim was to promote understanding of international questions and problems, particularly in so far as these may relate to Canada and British Empire.. CIIA's early leadership constituted roster of Canada's business, political, and intellectual..

“peoria war” changed history

the War of 1812 had four causes, historians Britain seizing Americans to serve on British ships, British trade restrictions, British support for Native Americans, and desire by some U.S leaders to seize Canada from British control.. ..

top 10 things the british empire got right

British Empire brought democracy to countries across all continents, including the US, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and many more. Some detractors compare British Empire to Nazis, and the world would be worse..

10 awful canadian violations of human rights

By the government either leave, When the war ended, the suffering of those in the camps did not, as they were given ultimatum British Columbia and relocate somewhere else Canada or leave the altogether. ... The territory was settled by French and absorbed into Canada under..

when we burned canadian york

it had to invade Canada.. Moreover, contrary to what Denis says, British burning of Washington was not direct and proportional retaliation for American actions. ... Many Americans, as Denis claims, did see their invasion of Canada as liberation of Canadians from..

imperialism, the world war and social democracy

In England, France, Germany, United States, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, British and Dutch Indies, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Congo, British and German Africa, Hong Kong and Shanghai,..


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