the world turned on its head

Group B was formed by former German colonies Africa, with British getting Tanganyika and dividing Cameroon and Togo with French, while Belgium became the caretaker of Ruanda-Urundi. The latter ones were divided between Japan and UK, with British taking control over German New..

twilight of the american century

He also recognizes Britain had in originating the creation of Palestine, even before Balfour, citing Churchill's comment, The establishment of strong, free, astride the bridge between Europe and Africa would be advantage to British Empire, and notable step towards the disposition of the..


Millions of troops from former British colonies in Asia and Africa were deployed under British command 100 years ago to take part in the war. . ..

pac london: the first trumpet campaign in england

So, while Khoikhoi are indigenous to western South Africa, Bantu, Dutch and British are all outside settlers. None of these ethnic groups were in the complicated wars that accompanied the formation of South Africa, and the only people in the history of South Africa guilty of..

monthly review

Spanish and British governments tried to exercise influence on the case British said that the capture of Africa violated treaty between Britain and Spain. ..

2 reports say iraq sought uranium

But two new reports have reopened the question of whether Bush may indeed have been correct when, on Jan. 28 last year, he told the nation and the world: 'The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.' . One of the..

imperialism, the world war and social democracy

In England, France, Germany, United States, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, British and Dutch Indies, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Congo, British and German Africa, Hong Kong..

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