american russophobia in the age of liberal decline

'>17 Many of the suspicions of Russian interference, including concerning the DNC hacking, were based on allegations of potentially ‘compromising’ behaviour on the part of Trump: praise of Putin, possible business dealings with Russian oligarchs, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s..

what is god's college like?

Prior to World War ii, the British Parliament had, in general, been deceived about the German Army’s preparedness until it was too late. ... Still, the British government rejected what “might come as a great shock to the country and result in an upheaval of industry.” ..

saddamizing al-assad

Yes, that’s vintage Versailles-era Churchill promoting the “moral effect” of chemical weapons, with an eye to quelling the contentious “tribes” of soon-to-be British Mandate Iraq. ... at al-Assad, because Winston Churchill did not get his wish, since gas warfare has been considered illegal..

committee for a workers' international

Sensing the mood, British government set up Special Commission to examine Capitulations and constitutional reform December 1917. On November 11th 1918 Zaghlul and his group asked British Consul-General, Sir Reginald Wingate, to meet delegation requesting permission to present their..

ancient temples face damage from military shelling

Since then, Rakhine, as well as other states and divisions, were colonized by the British again in 1824. As the country gained independence from British in 1948, different ethnic groups agreed to sign the Panglong Agreement made by General Aung San and the Union of Myanmar was created. . . ...

why are american elections so long?

In 2000 study in British Journal of Political Science, Randolph Stevenson and Lynn Vavreck conducted cross-sectional analysis of democracies with different campaign lengths and found that longer campaigns gave voters better understanding of economic conditions and ability to apply those conditions..

britain: why i left the socialist party

British comrades of Socialist Appeal received the letter from member of CWI's British section, Socialist Party, explaining why the explosive events in Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership led him to abandon the sectarian route pursued by SP and leave the organisation. ..

brexit through the lens of british history

Since sea levels rose and split British Isles from Europe about 8,000 years ago, British people have faced recurring set of questions over their identity and sovereignty the same issues that led majority of Britons to vote for withdrawing U.K.' ... Looking at the end of Roman Britain or..

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