2019 dirty dozen list: nevada

Among a study of 32 formerly prostituted women (aged 19-45) interviewed for a study in Vancouver, British Columbia, some reported violence in massage parlors in which the sexual buyers would assault them and the owners told them to endure it. ... British Medical Journal, 322(7285), 524-525...

presidents and war powers

His account opens dramatically, with President James Madison (something of a tragic figure in the book’s telling) fleeing as a fugitive while British forces proceed to torch the White House in 1814. ..

how to save brexit

The thing we voted for in free, fair, mass and historic fashion the re-energising of British sovereignty and of British democracy is being denied to us by the establishment... Refer to those who have devoted their financial, political and moral resources to the usurping of the largest..

the first world war was our war too

What is interesting is that the memorial was funded by India, clear sign that the achievements and sacrifice of British Indian army, at least World War I, are now part of the official narrative.. ... After 1944, General Charles de Gaulle helped create satisfying mythology of France that had..

how woodrow wilson ruined everything

Even John Maynard Keynes, who was a British Treasury official at Versailles, could see that the Carthaginian Peace of Versailles was only sowing the seeds of economic breakdown in Germany and throughout much of warn-torn Europe. . ... The British War party led by the likes of Churchill and..


., adding that British Parliament cannot afford to be backed into corner and forced to choose between  bad deal and no deal., .. ..

» finally released: censored al jazeera documentary exposes

The one about the Israeli lobby in Britain was published in January 2017 and caused a scandal, as it revealed the extent of Israeli interference in internal British politics, and the government’s support to allegedly independent civil society organizations, along with the character assassination of..

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