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Al-Husseini is a complex, controversial figure, an Arab nationalist who actively opposed Zionism in the 1920s and also became an opponent of British colonialism in Palestine. ... The Arab nationalism and anti-colonialism are understandable responses to the British Empire and Jewish..

committee for a workers' international

The strategists of capitalism, however, cannot be entirely sure that they will be able to completely control Corbyn and McDonnell given the deep crisis of British and world capitalism. ... Chakrabortty concludes that British governments have “flogged nearly everything in the cupboard,..

why the west will forgive saudi arabia

Op-eds have been booming out criticism of Saudi Arabia, and assorted political leaders in the US and Europe have called for investigation into Khashoggi's death, cessation of the arms trade, and, in the words of collection of British MPs, condemnation of Saudi regime's 'reckless and behaviour. ..

prehistory of the idea: part one

His outspokenness and in republicanism meant long exile England, and in the room of British Museum, he discovered the ideas of Thomas More, and acquainting with the personage and the ideas of the Robert Owen.. ..

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