brexit makes it more likely

By transformation taking place in, Twenty-one years later, the campaign to unify Ireland is being revived by Brexit referendum, and it's bolstered Northern Ireland as Protestant-majority country changes into place where Catholics appear set to become the majority. ... The day after..

the spectre of brexit hangs over the elections

Northern Ireland will be stillborn if Brexit goes ahead, and the campaign gives those impatient with the old divides between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists opportunity to voice new concerns.. Ireland is most exposed to Brexit's political and economic effects since the..

the great brexit con

April 12 Brexit leave date has now passed, and Great Britain is still paying around £I billion month to be member of European Union. ... And there is now Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party, which aims to become EU's worst nightmare and then wants to challenge British two-party system.. ..

brexit most messy

By the people has failed, Her Royal Majesty dissolves Parliament and overturns Brexit, then for good measure re-absorbs American colonies and appoints Prince William as Governor General, declaring that self rule.. ..

brexit 'march to leave' reaches london

Brexit ' March to Leave reaches London Zawya MENA Edition Brexit ' March to Leave reaches London by Toby Melville 18 hours ago... ... EU flag is waved by anti-Brexit protester looking over pro-Brexit March to Leave London, Britain March 29, 2019... ..

germans for brexit

For those of us Germany who sympathise with Britain's vote to leave EU and that's 30 of Germans the anti- Brexit bias of the press is hard to bear. ... But German of Brexit is still that it's the work of the wrong kind of people. ..

northern irish dup says united kingdom trumps brexit

It has warned May against allowing any divergence, or divergence, between Northern Ireland and the rest of United Kingdom after Brexit... ... DUP's main issue with May's deal has been the backstop - the mechanism aimed at keeping Northern Ireland's with EU-member Ireland open after..

the brexit breakup gets messier

June 2016 decision by United Kingdom to leave European Union has been no different divorce negotiations have set off heated debate about United Kingdom's with European Union and strained arrangements with Northern Ireland and Scotland.. ..

brexit through the lens of british history

Brexit and the concerns of the people who voted for United Kingdom to leave European Union are hardly new to the larger story of Britain, says Stanford Ian Morris.. ... I'm originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England, city dubbed as Brexit capital, where 69 percent of people voted to leave..

meanwhile, back at the brexit

With Labour figures calling for another public vote at anti-Brexit march London on Saturday, other MPs believe Corbyn's inner circle is warming to Norway-style Brexit that would Britain leave EU, and remain aligned to it... Clark, Rudd, Mundell who want to stop Brexit at any cost,..

'brexit betrayal' march

'Brexit Betrayal march Zawya MENA Edition 'Brexit Betrayal march 14 hours ago... ... Brexit Nigel Farage arrives to start 'Brexit Betrayal march from Sunderland to London, Sunderland, Britain March 16, 2019... ..

brexit breaks a prime minister

Brexit Breaks a Prime Minister . . Brexit Breaks a Prime Minister . . . ... The majority of M.P.s want a soft Brexit or no Brexit at all. Parliament has voted against almost every type of possible Brexit. . ..

why brexit is breaking britain

A Dog’s Brexit . The Brexit process has been a shambles from the start. ... Why has Britain’s government failed so badly with Brexit? And what does the Brexit debacle reveal about Britain’s moral and spiritual health? ..

the fight is on for a people’s brexit

EU supporters have been divided between those who would settle for Brexit that would keep Britain aligned with EU single market and customs union and their pro-big business, anti-working and anti-socialist rules and those. ... Brexit provides the opportunity to return more regional..

peter o’brien on brexit

What prompted the above is my dismay at what is transpiring in UK over Brexit.. ... Judging by all I have read, British Parliament is now both incapable and unwilling to deliver Brexit that the people voted or.. ..

delhi conference bolsters uk’s brexit case – asia

foreign affairs conference New Delhi has produced persuasive case for Brexit being UK's best long-term course, despite all the problems and uncertainty, and even if remaining in European Union seems more immediately sensible.. ... No one knows whether that would produce majority to remain in EU or..


BREXIT BRIEFING . . Brexit: We need to break out of this collective neurosis . ... BREXIT . . Brexit: Ministers plot their revenge on John Bercow amid growing outrage . ..

britain: parliament brexit vote round two

This was subheading on article by Peter Kellner, on the Brexit survey yet - YouGov poll of 25,000 people - in. ... That is, on people's views on Brexit that would not be based on the interests of British capitalism or on the ideas of racist right-wing Tories, except rather on workers..

brexit: the uncivil war, reviewed

Brexit: The Uncivil War, reviewed . 8th January 2019 by . . Last night at 9 PM, as almost all of you will know, Channel 4 broadcast a drama based on the events leading up to the EU referendum in June 2016, written by James Graham and starring Benedict Cumberbatch. ..

migrant traffickers awarded government brexit ferry

Iranian based start up company has been awarded Brexit ferry contract to cover the contingency of No Deal exit from EU on 29 March.. ... Some MPs suspect that the government may be using Grayling and his ludicrous plans to terrorise them into voting for the May Brexit Deal next in the..

brexit armageddon

It began with murmurs printed in Financial Times from the May that Brexit could see Dover corridor, comprising the port and tunnel, run at between 12-25 percent of capacity for half year. ..

10 things to watch for on brexit

The vote comes which saw Prime Minister May and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of European Commission, formally agree on Brexit on November 25. ... Stephen Bush, What is Brexit backstop and how does it affect Irish Border.., New Statesman, October 18, 2018, available at https www..

young people take over parliament to fight brexit

But organising our volunteers over the last few months, has given me bird's eye view of the mood among the youth of this country about Brexit. ... There is palpable sense that there is now alternative to this shambles of Brexit and young people have been driving force behind that. ..

brexit: this is it? – john quiggin

So, Brexit Theresa May has come up with is pretty much the version. ... And given that this issue has consumed British politics for the last two years or more, can there be any ambiguity about the possible choices articulated by May today her deal, no deal or no Brexit.. ..

how to save brexit

To grasp the magnitude of what has been done to Brexit, consider this 17.4million Britons voted to take back control from Brussels, and yet Brussels will 'retain all the controls as part of the deal agreed by Theresa May. ... The context, away from the bitching between Remainers and Leavers, away..

britain and eu reach draft brexit deal

Brexit will pitch the world's fifth economy into the unknown and many fear it will serve to divide West as it grapples with both the unconventional presidency of Donald Trump and growing assertiveness from Russia and China.. ... But May, initial opponent of Brexit who won the in the..

brexit showdown in london

The House of Commons is due to vote on Brexit deal negotiated with EU on Tuesday evening. ... The struggle to find the right form of Brexit is rocking British state to its very foundations, .. ..

why the british chose brexit

These two books tell the story of Brexit in different ways. Oliver has drawn heavily on his diaries to produce an account of one part of the Remain side, whereas Shipman offers an exhaustive history of the campaign as a whole. ..

brexit wins -- is president trump next?

While British and American public are, obviously, distinctly different demographics, the success of Brexit campaign speaks to the power of appeals to emotion rather than facts and logic -- hallmark of Trump's run for the presidency.. ... on Thursday, Trump also found way to relate..

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